AR vs VR: What's different?


In recent years, the concept of AR and VR has developed explosively. From technology, military, education, games, to medical fields, AR and VR can be seen. What exactly are AR and VR? How do they function in all areas of human life?

1. AR vs VR: Definition​

AR technology

AR is the abbreviation of Augmented Reality, which is a new human-computer interaction technology. Through AR technology, participants can interact with virtual objects in real time, thereby obtaining a wonderful visual experience. And AR can break through space, time and other objective constraints, and experience experiences that cannot be experienced in the real world.

VR technology

VR is a kind of virtual reality technology. It generates a simulated environment through computer technology, and at the same time immerses users in the created three-dimensional dynamic reality. It can be understood as a simulation system for the real world. The earliest VR technology was used in the military field, and the most common product was the head-mounted display.

In general, the scenes and characters seen by AR are real and fake, and it is to bring virtual information to the real world; the scenes and characters seen by VR are fake and are made by computers. You are immersed in a virtual world.

2. AR vs VR: Technology​

AR technology

Since AR technology needs to combine reality with virtual scenes, cameras are a necessity. As long as it is an electronic product with a camera, mobile phone, IPAD, etc., AR technology can be realized by installing AR software.

AR games:
It uses cameras to allow users to interact with characters in the game in the real world.

AR live interactive event: AR live interactive activities are in various large-scale scenes such as events, stage theaters, and concert performances. The virtual objects are perfectly superimposed on the real stage, and a three-dimensional spectacle that mixes fantasy and reality is presented to the audience through a large screen or projector. For example, the concerts of virtual singers such as Hatsune Miku and Luo Tianyi, which are now very famous, are realized through AR technology.

VR technology

VR equipment is mainly used for user interaction with virtual scenes, using position trackers, data gloves, motion capture systems, data helmets, etc. VR devices tend to be immersive, and a typical device is the Oculus rift.

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Simply put, AR includes VR, but AR technology is more advanced and harder to implement. With the development of technology, the boundaries between AR and VR are becoming more and more blurred, the two are more and more closely integrated in technology, and there will be more and more intersections in the future.


AR and VR are so amazing! I just cannot believe it several years ago. But now it's just getting more and more common!