LG audio issue:LG OLED Audio dropping out

I am looking for any help or possible solutions to my home theatre audio issue.

Equipment being used:
- 2017 LG 65" OLED C7
- Denon AVR-1400H (via 18 mbs HDMI)
- Panasonic DMP-UB900 4k Blu-Ray
- PS4
- 5.1.2 Atmos speaker setup

When watching any high definition Netflix content (Atmos/Dolby vision, UHD 4K and even 5.1) and using the installed Dolby app pre-installed on the TV for Atmos and Vison sample content, the audio randomly mutes for 1-2 seconds. This could happen 10 or 5 times a minute. Ultimately makes it unwatchable and very frustrated when having such a high end theatre set up.

This error doesn't happen with free to air TV, content from USB, gaming consoles or the 4K Blu-Ray.

I have contacted LG for support as I feel it is a TV issue rather than receiver or hardware issue, as it only happens with apps built-in to the TV.

Has anyone else experienced this or similar?


I recently experienced the same thing. The sound just dropped in the middle of watching T.V. I suspect it has something to do with the mobile phone app which remotely controls T.V. I have used last night to reduce the volume with my cell phone and the problem started on this morning. My husband complained the sound dropped yesterday on the bedroom T.V. which I also tested to see if the app worked. So I figure it has something to do with mobile T.V.control app. What do you think? I've deleted the app just now and will see if this helps.