AWOL Vision LTV-3500 projector and vividstorm s pro screen

Recently, I got an AWOL Vision LTV-3500 projector, which it has Tri-Chroma Laser, ant 3,500 lumens is super bright; dolby Atmos audio over eARC.
When I applied it to the 120inch vividstorm s pro screen, I was amazed by its amazing color, even in normal indoor lighting, when used with the vividstorm s pro screen, I could still see the details of the projection.


Hey man, what is the size of this screen and how is the light resistance? Because it looks like the color saturation and reduction are really perfect! This cabinet is also good, is it electric? I think the projector and screen can be considered together!
I have to say, this picture has a very high definition. This cabinet looks great too. But I want to know if this cabinet can be put away when the projector is not turned on? It's like a giant TV.


Hey man this works great I think I'll start thinking about the next projector and screen and also this cabinet this setup is great too
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