B&O releases new 97-inch OLED TV: built-in 450W power sound system


B&O releases new 97-inch OLED TV.jpg

At CES this year, LG released its 97-inch OLED TV M3. Now, B&O has also released a TV with this panel, model BeovisionHarmony, with a built-in B&O sound system.

Reportedly the largest screen size in the Harmony series to date, it combines an OLED panel made by LG with a host of luxury materials, with the sound system located below the screen and unfolded by an electric system when switched on. This display panel has a specification of 4K120Hz.

In terms of audio, the TV has a built-in 3-channel sound system that includes a 1-inch tweeter, two 2.5-inch full-range units, a 4-inch midrange unit and two 4-inch woofers, providing a total of 450W of power. In addition, it has an integrated 7.1 surround sound module.

This B&O TV will go on sale next week for 59,000 euros.