BenQ EH620 Projector Specs, how is it?


Recently BenQ launched a new projector, the BenQ EH620 projector. This projector is aimed at enterprise users, abandoning the previous Android system and using the new Windows 11 IoT Enterprise operating system, which is relatively more suitable for office scenarios. Let's see how this BenQ EH620 projector is.

BenQ EH620 Projector front.jpg

BenQ EH620 projector Hardware configuration​

BenQ EH620 projector hardware is equipped with Intel dual-core processor Celeron 4205U, has 3400 ANSI lumens brightness, and provides 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It also provides multiple HDMI input interfaces, built-in speakers. The device is suitable for commercial scenarios.

BenQ EH620 Projector.jpg

BenQ EH620 projector System configuration​

Because it is aimed at the office, the BenQ EH620 projector is based on the Windows 11 IoT Enterprise operating system. And it is understood that the BenQ EH620 projector is designed for presentations, with pre-installed meeting applications such as Google Meet, Skype for Business and TeamViewer Meeting. Users can also download apps from the Windows Store.
BenQ EH620 Projector port.jpg

How is the BenQ EH620 projector?​

The BenQ EH620 projector performs fairly well and targets the high-end commercial projector market. Currently, the BenQ EH620 projector is priced at 1667 euros.