Beosound Balance: a B&O high-end smart speaker


Danish high-end audio company B&O has launched Beosound Balance, a high-end smart speaker that consists of two cylindrical speakers stacked on top of each other like an art piece. Designed by Layer, a london-based design agency, it costs $2,250.

B&O Beosound Balance

The speakers are housed in seven bionic units. The lower speakers are encased in FSC oak and have an upturned bass unit with a strong bass performance. The upper speakers are made of fabric from Kvadrat, Denmark, and are equipped with a downturned bass unit, three medians and two tweeters. Up and down collaboration for a more impressive indoor sound experience.

The Beosound Balance is a smart speaker, albeit a classically shaped one, with an aluminum touch panel at the top and a built-in distance sensor that lights up as you approach the speaker. It also supports voice control in the voice wake box, currently supports amazon Alexa, and will support Google Assistant in the future.

In addition, the speaker also supports bluetooth playback and AirPlay 2, and can connect multiple speakers to achieve multi-room playback, which is similar to most bluetooth speaker products in terms of function. With the continuous promotion of smart speaker products, the future high-end speaker products will also add intelligent voice assistant function, so that consumers can enjoy the fun brought by technology while listening to high-quality audio.