Best animated series in recent year : Rick and Morty Season 4 rating 9.1

Bread Pitt

If this is any indicator for the rest of the season, then it could be the best season yet. The semi-toxic fanbase for Rick and Morty gave me very low expectations for this episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. It contained more than adequate amounts of the kind of dark humor that drew me to the show back in season 1. Lets hope this isnt an early peak.

So many great moments in this ep. And if the creators are not making it clear enough by basically having rick talk to the audience, they are aware of a need for the show to evolve over time but still keep all its core foundations in check. Like what south park has done. And what the simpsons failed to do.

Best animated series in recent year : Rick and Morty Season 4 rating 9.1

If you know the result of doing something in advance, will it affect your choice?

"Rick and Morty" season 4 episode 1 gives us the answer. In order to die next to Jessica when he was old, Morty did not hesitate to make all the choices that could achieve this goal. He chose not to resurrect Rick, chose to kill and set fire, do nothing, and turn himself into a weird alien creature. He even completely followed the instructions of the death crystal every step of the way and every word he said. He would rather do this than talk to Jessica or swim, just because he wouldn't die by her. The ending egg is ironic MAX. Why not talk and swim with Jessica, but still die by her side? Because Jessica was not his wife, just caring for her death. The film conveys a very simple truth with the most exaggerated and absurd story: Boldly do what you want without having to care too much about the result. The key is to enjoy the process. The reason is simple, but few people can really do it. If there were really death crystals in this world, we might not be more rational than Morty.