Best launchers are the following.


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It’s between F Launcher and Emotn UI.

F Launcher has a lot of wall papers but no live wall papers. Don’t know why people say F launcher lags. It doesn’t lag for me but what needs to be changed in F Launcher is when you close out back round apps The F Launcher logo pops up for like 5 seconds before you get back to the home page. That has to go router login .

Emotn UI has live wallpapers and a lot of them. It’s pretty cool. Clean UI.

2.Projectivy Launcher is good but a lot of bugs and people are paying for the premium version and they are not getting premium feature. Don’t know why people would pay premium on a fairly new launcher.

3. ATV launcher.
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Wolf Launcher is still the best one I have tried, and I have tried many, including Flauncher, ATV, and Projectivy.

As far as the Emotn UI is concerned. It's ONLY redeeming quality is the live wallpapers. The first 3 days after my initial installation, every morning when I would boot up, the app would malfunction in numerous ways, i.e., the weather app would disappear, couldn't manually set location, all wallpapers were not available and wouldn't even load on the wallpaper selection page, even the UI changed the appearance in the wallpaper page. What was weird is that by early afternoon (2-3 hours later) the app would correct itself on it's own without me doing anything. Maybe it has some sort of onboard token that has to be renewed to stay working? However, in the last couple of day all those issues have seemed to correct themselves.

Now, in regard to the App and its features. As I stated previously, the live wallpapers and screensavers is its one and only redeeming quality. The launcher lacks some of the most basic customization features such as, resizing the app icons and adjusting their transparency. Allowing the removal of the apps name below the app icon. The redundancy of naming an app is not needed nor necessary and it distract from the background and theme. There are only 2 categories: one row of favorites and a page displaying all apps. There is no option to add/remove categories. You can't even remove apps from appearing on the 'All Apps' page which you don't want to see. You can't even resize the weather icon or move it to a more convenient location on the screen. There is not even an option to add widgets.

Since you already have live wallpapers. Adding sound to your wallpapers and screen savers would be a natural for this app and would enhance this app's appeal soooo much more! ....or at least code the app to allow for user created live wallpapers to be uploaded.

I could go on about all its short comings, but the bottom line is, without the Live Wallpapers. This app does not even come close to comparing with ANY other launcher available on the web.

Btw, I have figured out a workaround for customizing the app icons, but for the average user out there they would find it too tasking and involved to be able to accomplish the procedures. Here is a link showing my first attempts at customizing the app icons.


  • Emotn UI Screenshot w-customized icons 2023-12-19 090513.png
    Emotn UI Screenshot w-customized icons 2023-12-19 090513.png
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