Best R-rated movie 2020|a flamboyant agent cool film Anna


There are several keywords in this movie today.

Female agents, female killers, female models? Xiaopai recommends a flamboyant R-class agent cool film- "Anna"

The film uses the form of interlude, and the plot is constantly flipped,Visually sexy Anna and girlfriends can make you feast

At the same time, there is also a brilliant mind and powerful fighting skills


Not suitable for teenagers and children


On the streets of Moscow, Anna is a Cinderella selling matryoshka. In the glance of the scout, Anna was invited to become a model in Paris. After Anna arrived in Paris, she briefly visited the company and was teased by her girlfriend as soon as she arrived in the bedroom. After meeting my colleagues and where I lived, I started shooting without much training.

Anna is played by Sasha Ruth, born in 1992, a Russian model. He has walked through countless big shows and made countless seasonal advertising campaigns for Lafayette's CHNAEL and Dior, Prada, Burberry and other fashion brands. The unique and exquisite features are unforgettable.

In 2013, the Russian edition of "Glamour" magazine selected her as "Model of the Year", and she was listed as one of the world's top 50 supermodels on the website.


Anna is naturally familiar with the car in the film. Wherever gold shines, Anna quickly became the company's new star.
At a company event, Anna met the company's partner Oleg. Oleg is not a small start, mainly doing import and export trade, providing medicine, food, raw materials, and of course weapons to sanctioned countries, is a real warlord.

Two people, Qingqing, I and I, two months, seeing the story of a tender model next to the big money is about to be completed, but the reverse is coming.

Anna took out her pistol and directly killed Oleg. Clean and neat, why kill him?


Things have to go back three years.

Anna's father was a navy captain and was originally worried about food and clothing. Later, her parents died in a car accident, and Anna has been living on the streets since then, being rescued by a drug dealer.


This drug dealer's scum boyfriend only ran into domestic violence when Anna was unhappy . Not only did she take drugs, she also took Anna together, she also took Anna when she committed crimes, Anna wanted to escape this life.

Anna submitted an application form for joining the Navy. At this time, the KGB agent boyfriend found her on the 1st, convinced her to join the KGB, one year internship, and five years of service, you can be free. Anna encountered a turning point in her life, and she chose to live as an agent.


Boyfriend No. 1, brought Anna back to the KGB to see the sergeant, who played the role of Helen Mirren . Helen Mirren is recognized as a "Queen Professional Household". She has played the role of Queen many times and won the best actress of the 79th Oscar with "Queen" .


At first, the chief felt that Anna was not the type she was looking for. It seemed that she could only go to bed and be useful as a beautician, but what the KGB needed was a smart agent who could assess the form and react quickly.

It is said that Anna is very unhappy. She recites a drama in the first act of Chekov's "Seagull". Of course, it is not just a drama that can be persuaded to persuade the chief. Anna analyzes the chief's hobby and recites the chief 's favorite drama , Which embodies both analytical skills and technical skills. The chief felt that the little girl had developed quite well and decided to leave her for a trial visit.

Anna started the life of the agent. For the first time, the chief of the mission taught her a reason why trouble would not be warned in advance , and gave her an empty gun to let Anna solve the target. When Anna found that there was no bullet, her psychology collapsed.

But she responded quickly and successfully completed the task.

The former model company partner Oleg is just one of Anna's mission goals. Anna was excavated by the scouts and arranged by the KGB, just to complete the mission to get closer to the goal.

After Anna got rid of her goal, she deleted the video, changed her hair color, and came to a raccoon cat with the prepared avatar to change the prince, and she swaggered out of the hotel.
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Modeling became Anna ’s second career, and girlfriend No. 1 became Anna ’s cover.

When you need it, you can also shoot a gun with your boyfriend No.1

Just be a supermodel in this way, and act when you have time.

When I walked by the river, there was no wet shoes. Boyfriend No. 2 appeared again in an action by Anna. It turned out that when boyfriend No. 2 initially interrogated Anna, Anna had already seen that she was an agent by way of holding a bag.

Boyfriend No. 2 gave Anna two choices, either to die or to die for him. Anna can only work for the CIA, on the condition that she serves the CIA for one year, the CIA provides asylum, prepares Anna's residence in Hawaii, and gives Anna freedom.

Anna became a double-faced spy, and her life was more enriched. Boyfriend No.1, Boyfriend No.2, and Girlfriend No.1 were model, spy, and lover.

Anna picked a good time, accepted the ultimate mission of the CIA, and assassinated the boss of the KGB.

Anna came to the KGB headquarters and lingered with her boyfriend No.1 to relieve her boyfriend No.1's alertness.

Killed directly while playing chess with the boss, then stunned boyfriend No. 1.

Get rid of the KGB boss, how could it be so easy to escape, and make a KGB headquarters.

After completing the task, Anna disappeared directly. Neither the CIA nor the KGB could find Anna, but suddenly one day Anna contacted her boyfriends and told them to come out for tea.

The end

Anna asked her boyfriend one to meet with her boyfriend two in the park, taking advantage of them to get rid of the two of them directly. Since then, they have not been dominated by the KGB and CIA, and finally happily stayed with their girlfriend one.
The film is directed by Luc Besson. There are only two themes in Luc Besson's film, one is a restrained and deep emotion, and the other is a woman with a weak appearance and a strong heart.

Every film of Luc Besson is the result of continuous experimentation, and at the same time, it brings us different perceptions and visual enjoyment.

Let us enter the world of Lucbesson together!

Although the pie at the end is nonsense, Anna's movie may tell the story of the oppressed woman's freedom. Dididi, the old driver drove and kept up!
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