Best Sci-Fi TV Drama - Tales from the Loop


The pictures and the music of the Tales from the Loop are really great. Each episode's story is sentimental and contemplative. It is undoubtedly on top of my list of best TV drama of the year.

In fact, after watching the first four episodes, you can mark five stars rating. In short, how beautiful the picture is, how heartbroken the story is. Well, if you think about your life, it's not some kind of repetition. Fished E05, if choose one episode for my child, I will choose this one and the first one, which is warm and powerful. E07 director is good at horror movies, and the topic of man-made body has obviously been discussed If we talk about it again, it will become a black mirror, and the focus of this episode is to reconcile with the pain when we were young, and the price of facing our own heart defense is just our own scar. E08, so carelessly watched the whole life in a blink of an eye.

Best Sci-Fi TV Drama - Tales from the Loop

The Tales from the Loop is originally an illustrative short story collection. The circular tale was written by Simon Stalenhag, a Swedish sci-fi fantasy illustrator. This tv drama is adapted from the illustrative collection

There are 8 episodes in the first season. Each episode has a small story. Each episode is relatively independent from each other, but the content of the 8 episodes is related to each other, forming a larger ring and story, which is very meaningful and touching.