Best TV Box Developer Dangbei Ensure Qaulity from Design and Innovation


People who have played the TV box must be familiar with Dangbei Market, just a few months ago, Dangbei had launched a super TV BOX. Due to my TV Box is quite old and often stuck,so I did detailed research on this super OTT box. Dangbei super TV box B1 is equipped with a powerful s912 processor and 3GB /32GB of large memory.Such a high-end configuration at a reasonable price is amazing, so I had bought one. Its small and exquisite appearance makes me beautiful disassemble and analyze it. Let’s check it out in details in below:


Appearance: Simple and delicate as an artwork

Before unbox, let's take a look at the design of the Dangbei gift-box. It uses a beautiful design rigid shoulder box, the blue sealed neck in the middle adds artistic beauty to the simple packaging.



After opening the box, you can see that the Dangbei Super OTT box is so cute and exquisite; that is a quite pleasant surprise. It designs in a cube shape with a size of 70mm × 70mm × 80mm, and its net weight is 350g. Just like a Rubik's Cube, such a novel design makes it different and unique from the other boxes on the market, more fashionable and artistic.



Here comes the external interface at the backside of the box, besides the regular USB, LAN, and HDMI, it has AV port which supports using on the old TV


For the remote control, Dangbei super Box uses an intelligent AI voice remote control, which makes the operation more simple and convenient. Besides, there is a unique magic side key, just one press to open the setting menu.



In the last part, let’s check out its power adapter. Probably many people have the experience that the adjacent sockets cannot be used due to the adaptor is too big. Its power adapter uses the tapered trapezoid structure which won’t over occupy the space and it can avoid such a problem.



User experience: user-friendly OS, simple operation

For the system part, Dangbei Super Box is with Dangbei OS, which is customized based on Android 7.1. User-friendly UI with no startup ads. In the first running, there is a Wizard guide for remote control pairing, network connection, and other operations. After completing the setting, you can enter the system UI.




Hardware disassemble details: real and worthy, brilliant technology and quality

Here comes the most exciting part, it’s not easy to disassemble this Dangbei super box, and I made a great effort to find out the disassembling entrance.


Here is the photo of the whole interior hardware parts of the Dangbei Super Box. Its internal circuit board is composed of the mainboard, external interface, and remote control receiver board. And for the casing, it uses buckle structure in several places and 19 fixing screws.



The front and backside of the Mainboard.



The external interface board




Remote control receiver board with indicator light



Built-in Antenna


Base Parts:

base balance weight


On the front of this mainboard, you can see the version number and production date of the circuit board.


AMLOGIC S912 is a high-end 4K multimedia processor. It has a 64-bit Octa-Core processor ARM Cortex-A53 CPU with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz, and the GPU is ARM Mali-T820 which supports HDR 10bit 4K @ 60fps video hardware decoding, point-to-point display,and the H.265 Video Coding supports 10-bit hardware decoding and AVS + format playback. In video interface parts, it supports HDMI2.0, CVBS and RGB888 output. Dangbei super Box equipped with such a high-end flagship processor, you would be surprised by its excellent performance.


On the right side of the processor, there are two memory chips, which are: SEC919 K4A4G165WE-BCRC. This is Samsung's DDR4 SDRAM chip with 2400Mbps chip rate and 256M×16 or 4Gb capacity, which we usually call is 512MB. Some people may ask that these two chips is only 1G in total. Why does it say that it has 3G RAM? Let me talk about it later.


Under the processor, there is a metal chip, which chip number is AP6522. This is AMPAK's high-performance WiFi + BT module, which is Bluetooth BT4.2 + 11AC Dual-band WIFI 2-in-1 module.


On the mainboard’s backside, the 3 chips are similar to the first SDRAM. This both front & back SMT method can be seen in many TV boxes, but its front and back chips are different, at the backside, it uses the SEC 916 K4A8G165WB-BCRC, which is also Samsung's DDR4 memory, but with 8Gb capacity, which is 1GB. In this way, the front and back are 3GB.



Here comes the last part --32GB flash memory, which is Samsung's eMMC, chip number B041-KLMBG2JETD. This EMMC uses the latest 5.1 interfaces, which can achieve sequential read / write speeds up to 330MB / s and 200MB / s. This high-performance configuration can ensure smooth operation.


On the external interface board, it’s PMIC and LAN transformer.


In the end, here is a picture of the whole interior hardware parts of Dangbei Super Box


Comparing to many low-cost TV boxes in the market, I can see how different Dangbei create their products from the design, manufacturing, user-experience. I want to recommend this TV box to people who need to play big games, watch 4K movies or anyone being annoyed by the lag, block, and buffer of the old TV box.