Best TV for Seniors: How to choose?


With the development of technology, TV has changed from a mere live TV player to a smart TV that can access the Internet and play games. However, many elderly people encounter difficulties in using smart TVs. Not being able to watch TV programs directly after the TV is turned on has become the biggest problem. In addition, the complex operation of the smart system and remote control also confuses the elderly. So, what should be the best TV for the elderly? Please read on.
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1. TV price​

First of all, for the elderly, the price of the TV is the most important consideration. The TVs used by the elderly do not need too many smart features and should not be too expensive. And the price of the TV often has a very strong relationship with its configuration parameters. Therefore, we can choose TVs with general features. This saves costs and is also in line with the consumption concept of the elderly.

2. Size and appearance​

For the elderly use of television, do not buy too big TV, of course, can not be too small. Because too big oppressive, too small is really not clear to see. Generally speaking, 55 inches is quite enough. Of course, you can also make your own decision according to the preferences of the elderly. And the appearance of the best choice of panoramic screen. Because the panoramic screen view is better, the elderly look more comfortable.

3. Clear system interface​

Secondly, we should pay attention to the TV UI design to meet the needs of the elderly. Many TV system interfaces are complex and have a lot of content. The most suitable interface for the elderly should be a waterfall UI, no ads, larger icons, clear fonts and fewer columns. Alternatively, you can install Emotn UI for your TV, which is simple and convenient.
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4. Simple TV interaction​

In addition to the overall interface of the system, the TV for the elderly also needs to be simple and convenient to interact with. This is mainly to consider whether the return path of the page is complicated, whether there are pop-up operation tips from time to time, and whether the definition of icons and symbols meet the cognitive standards of the elderly. In short, the principle of interaction is simple and clear.

5. Intelligent functions​

Smart functions suitable for the elderly include remote control voice evocation, voice switching, voice help, etc.; followed by TV smart camera, remote control, etc.. This intelligent gong'neng can facilitate young people to remote monitoring of the home environment, remote help for the elderly to switch channels and so on.