Best way to clean dirt on projector lens


Since the projector lens is often exposed to the air, it is often dusted, resulting in the screen being often gray, so how to clean the projector lens? The following will share the most detailed method of how to clean the projector lens and some preparation tools.

Preparing Tools for Cleaning Dirst on Projector lens

1. Lens cloth or lens tissue

Choose a lens cloth or lens paper that is soft, lint-free, and lint-free.

2. Lens cleaning liquid

Choose a cleaning solution that can be used to deal with oily stains and is highly volatile to avoid secondary pollution to the lens.

3. Blow ball or air can

Choose the one with good elasticity and large volume, so as to have enough strong wind, and you must pay attention to replacing the blowing ball in time, the old blowing ball may become more and more dirty.

4. Cotton swabs

Try to choose cotton swabs with long and neat fibers, and it is best to prepare some large and small cotton swabs.

How to clean dirt on projector lens?​

1. Blow the dust with a balloon

Use a blower to blow off the dust and sand with relatively large particles on the outer surface of the lens.

Blow the dust with a balloon.png

2. Clean the lens with paper

After blowing away large particles of dust, use lens tissue to carefully wipe off any stubborn dirt that was not blown away. Be careful when wiping, wipe gently to avoid scratching the lens.

Clean the lens with paper.png

3. Deep clean with cotton swab

Put a little lens cleaning solution on the cotton swab, and then remove the tighter dust and stains on the lens by sticking or picking.

Deep clean with Cotton swab.png

4. Clean lens again with cleaning liquid

Then take a cotton swab dipped in a little lens cleaning solution and wipe it. Be sure to wipe in a spiral from the center of the lens to the outer circle, do it all at once, don't wipe back.

Clean lens again with cleaning liquid.png

5. Dry the lens

Using a clean cotton swab, wipe the lens in the same manner until there is no cleaning solution. If one wipe is not complete, try again with a new cotton swab. Finally, use the lens cloth to gently wipe from the center outwards until the lens is completely clean.

Dry the lens.png

This is the best way to clean dust from the projector lens. But these steps only apply to off-lens dust cleaning. If your machine has a lot of dust or the above cleaning tutorial is not applicable, you need to contact the manufacturer for processing. Also, if you want to know more about projectors, welcome to visit the projector forum.