BOE 55-inch 8K AMQLED display prototype, what's it?


BOE recently announced the industry's first 55-inch 8K Active Matrix Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode (AMQLED) display at SID International Display Week (SIDDisplayWeek2022).

BOE 55-inch 8K AMQLED display prototype.jpg

BOE exhibited a 55-inch 4K AMQLED display prototype at SID last year. The 55-inch 8K AMQLED display is based on the principle of quantum dot "electroluminescence", using oxide TFT backplane drive, and using the inkjet printing process to prepare an electroluminescent functional layer, which is a real "active quantum dot self-luminous display It is a true "active quantum dot self-luminous display".

Quantum dots, also known as semiconductor nanocrystals, have the physical characteristics of narrow half-peak width and adjustable wavelength in the emission spectrum. AMQLED display technology based on the principle of quantum dot "electroluminescence" uses electric current to directly drive the red, green and blue quantum dot light-emitting layer and control the color mixing to produce images, with a simple device structure and no liquid crystal, color film or backlight unit.

In addition, electroluminescent AMQLED display technology uses inorganic quantum dot material as the light-emitting layer, and the current market compared to AMOLED display technology, has a longer life, lower cost, a wider color gamut and other advantages, is generally considered to be more disruptive display technology after AMOLED, has broad development prospects. In addition, inkjet printing is considered to be the closest QLED manufacturing process to mass production, and the process can greatly improve the utilization of materials, thus effectively reducing manufacturing costs.

BOE showed its latest 55-inch 8K AMQLED display prototype after independently developing a variety of electroluminescent AMQLED displays such as 5-inch, 14-inch and 55-inch (4K).