Call of Cthulhu Game breaking bug!


So I've been playing through Call Of Cthulu and have hit a problem.
On chapter 5 where you have to escape the asylum, I'm right at the end. You have a conversation with a guy who has been experimented on and he gets possessed and starts flying around the room.
At the point the game crashes and closes every time.
You can't go back to an earlier save as it's autosave, I've re-downloaded it and get the same.
I update to firmware 10 today, not sure if that's relevant or not here.
Anyone else have this and how do you request a refund, unlikely as I would be to get it?


I've recently picked this back up again too, I know the scene you're on about but I had no crash on mine. I'm on to chapter 6 now. This was a couple of weeks back now so pre-10 firmware upgrade. I'm playing physical version.

Sorry! not much help to your situation however :-/