Can I use VANKYOU Projector without a screen?


Can I use VANKYOU Projector without a screen?

The answer is yes, you can use VANKYOU Projector without a screen.

The projector can be directly projected on light-colored walls, such as white walls, gray walls, etc. At the same time, you can also choose to use projection paint, and it is also a good choice to paint projection paint on the wall that needs to be projected.

However, the projection screen is made of special reflective material, the picture projected by the projector on the screen will be clearer, and the color reproduction will be much better. So it's better to use it with a screen if you can.
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What kind of projector screen can I have?

Different projection screens have different gain effects. The materials of projection screens can be roughly divided into white plastic and white glass fiber, gray glass fiber and diamond grid, gray crystal and black crystal, black grid and Fresnel screen.

1. White plastic and white glass fiber:

The most common curtains are cheap and can improve the brightness of the projection screen. It will be slightly whitish when used during the day, and it is often used in dimly lit rooms.

2. Gray glass fiber and diamond grid:

Although it will reduce the brightness of the projection screen, the contrast will also be increased accordingly, making the screen more vivid and rich, suitable for projection equipment with high brightness but low contrast. Among them, gray glass fiber is suitable for long-focus projectors, and diamond grid is suitable for ultra-short-focus projectors.
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3. Gray crystal and black crystal:

Although the curtain of this material will slightly reduce the brightness, the contrast will be significantly improved, and it can also improve the resistance to ambient light, allowing the projector to remain in the presence of light interference. Renders a great picture.

4. Black grid and Fresnel screen:

This is a special screen for ultra-short-throw projectors, in which the black grid can resist the light source above, while the Fresnel screen can resist any light source except below, and the gray-black screen is suitable for The contrast of the picture will be significantly improved, so that the projection picture can achieve the best effect, and it is not afraid of the interference of ambient light.

Therefore, you can use VANKYOU Projector without a screen. But if you have a screen, you will get a better picture viewing.


Tips for buying a screen for projector:


If your projector is only used when the lights are turned off at night, the effect of casting a white wall will also be very good. In our usual projection, there will be different light interference. The brightness of the projector is high, but the brightness is not high. will be very unclear
However, the projection screen has a special coating and structure, which can effectively absorb a lot of light from the environment. For example, the brand Vividstorm has a screen suitable for ultra-short throw projectors. The surface is a prismatic structure to absorb ambient light. Also specially designed for low-brightness projectors with high-gain screens
And white walls or other projection surfaces will definitely not be so clean and flat, which also affects the projection image to a large extent. Therefore, if you already have a good projector, you can also have a good screen.
If you feel that the projection effect of VANKYOU Projector on the wall is not what you want. Then you need to choose a suitable projection screen. As for how to choose a suitable projection screen. First of all, you need to see what the specific model of VANKYOU Projector is and what the lumen is. Although there are many options for projection screens, the choice of projection screen depends on the model and lumens of the projector.