Can PS4 Pro play motion sensing games? What fun VR and motion sensing games?


When you have a PS4 or PS4 Pro, you may wonder whether you can use your PS console to play motion sensing games or not. We all know about motion sensing games which are very thrilling and exciting. Can PS4 Pro play motion sensing games? Yes, of course. The PS4 Pro is the same as the normal PS4. But, it needs a separate kit to play motion sensing games, which are Playstation Move and Playstation Camera.

1、PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move is Sony's new generation of motion sensing device, full name Playstation move dynamic controller. It combines with PS3 USB camera to create a new game mode. PS move not only recognizes the up, down, left and right movements, but also senses the angle changes of the wrist. So no matter it's the fast movement like sports or the delicate movement like painting with a pen, it can also be reproduced in PS move one by one. The dynamic controller can also sense the depth of the space, making the players feel as if they are in the game, experiencing the realistic game experience.

2、PlayStation Camera

Playstation Camera is an optional dynamic sensing accessory. It consists of two 1280x800 pixel lenses with F / 2.0 aperture value, 30cm focal length and 85 degree field of view. The design of dual lens can change the operation mode according to various applications. When two lenses are used at the same time, the object can be detected in depth within the camera field of view, which is the same principle as the Kinect system of Xbox. In addition, one of the lenses can be used for image shooting, while the other lens can be used for motion detection.

Playstation camera also has a set of four channel microphones built in to help reduce background noise and receive voice control commands. The camera measures 186x27x27 cm and weighs 183 G. The camera is connected to the aux connection port on the host to record raw and uncompressed yuv images.

What are the fun VR games and motion sensing games in PS4 pro?

Personal recommended Games:

1. Just Dance supports 1-4 people to play at the same time, requiring body sense camera or move (if there is no camera, you can also use a mobile phone, download a mobile app and dance on your hand, but ZD is the recommended camera)

2. Wipeout (VR racing game) supports 1 player games, which requires PS4 VR equipment, body sense camera and handle operation. I personally recommend this game. It's very exciting to play. In addition, maps and racing cars need you to spend a long time unlocking. It's still very playable.

3. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR horror shooting game) supports one player game, which requires PS4 VR device, motion sensing camera and Playstation move (if not, the handle can also be used). This game is also highly recommended. The game is to shoot at your ghosts on a fast roller coaster. The environment and sound effects are very horrible. It's very exciting to play. It will definitely make your adrenaline soar. If you are timid, you will be really scared to cry and answer.

There are many other interesting games I won't list one by one. You can browse in the store with PS4 by yourself, and there are many excellent games that can be downloaded directly.