Can ps5 play ps4 games


The answer is yes. The announcement comes after SONY PlayStation officially announced that the new SONY ps5 console will be compatible downward with PS4 and PS4 pro games, and is expected to support more than 4,000 PS4 games.

Can ps5 play ps4 games

According to the designers, the PS5 will have a variety of modes, including PS5 native Mode, Pro Legacy Mode and PS4 Legacy Mode for PS4 Pro, with all the TOP100 PS4 games available to play on the PS5 console when the PS5 goes on sale.

Of course, the PS4 series and PS5 all carry AMD family barrel, compatibility will certainly be much better than ps3-ps4.

In addition, in theory, playing PS4 games with the more powerful PS5 should result in better frame performance, which also means that some of the bigger games on the PS4 series won't be able to run 30 frames /60 frames and will drop frames more frequently.
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