Can the projector cast a screen on a mobile phone?


You can cast the screen of the mobile phone to your projector.
Dangbei Mars Pro

1. Take Dangbei Mars Pro projector as an example, first connect the projector and mobile phone to the same local area network.

2. Open the screencasting APP on the Dangbei projector, open and use the mobile screencasting tool to search for the projector you want to connect, and click to connect successfully.


Now the mainstream video software has its own screen projection function.

When playing a video, you can check whether there is a screen projection sign on the edge of the phone screen (usually at the top right of the screen).

The premise is that the projection software should also be opened on the projector. Click the projection screen on the mobile phone to search for the corresponding projector name to complete the connection.
The projector can't cast the phone, but the phone can cast the projector. Connect the mobile phone and the projector to the same LAN, and open the projection tool on the projector. Then turn on the screen projection function of the mobile phone, scan and connect the projector device, and you can cast the screen.