Can Ultra Short Throw Projection Screens be Cleaned with Alcohol?

In today's home theater technology, ultra short throw projection screens have gained significant attention due to their outstanding projection performance. However, over time, these screens may be contaminated with dust, fingerprints, and other impurities, making cleaning crucial. In this article, we will explore whether ultra short throw projection screens are suitable for cleaning with alcohol and analyze the feasibility of this cleaning method.

Ultra Short throw projection screens typically utilize advanced reflection technology, allowing the projection device to be placed very close to the screen surface. This characteristic brings greater convenience in home theater installation and increased flexibility. However, the close proximity of the projector also makes the screen more susceptible to external contaminants.

Ultra short throw projection screens are made of special materials and require gentle cleaning methods. Alcohol is corrosive and will cause damage to the surface of the ultra-short throw projection screen and affect the brightness of the screen. , so it is recommended to avoid using alcohol solutions to maintain its integrity.

As for how to clean ultra-short throw projection screens, the following video is reproduced from vividstorm for your reference.