Character of Hank in Breaking Bad TV Series


The Breaking Bad tv series have been on going for many years. There is still thousands of fans addicated to it. Here I would like to continue reviewing the character of Hank in Breaking Bad.

Hank, EQ of medium level, liked by most people who ever know him. He has high professional ability and dares to challenge Tuko, as well as in the case of no weapons win the hammers brother. You can see ihis extraordinary single operational capability. In addition to courage, he also has professional intelligence, sees through the face of Obama and his way of pursuing the process of Heisenberg are much more savvy than other police officers.

Unfortunately, the intelligence level outside the major is poor. He is too conceited for the ability of Walter White and the emotional cognitive bias is too large. Ggreedy for work, Hank eventually made the mistake of belittling the opponent and costed their own lives.

Character of Hank in Breaking Bad TV Series