Choosing a projector, as a single renter what should I notice?


Just moved to a new city to work, rented a simple one-bedroom, about 40 square meters, because of the line, the landlord did not provide a TV, and it was not allowed to be modified. I would like to choose a projector instead of TV, but i do not know anything about projector, could you guys give me some advice? What should i pay attention to when choosing projectors as a room-renter? any advice is welcom
I will first analyze the needs of the subject, and then recommend a suitable projector
1. Use in bedroom
2. Can be placed at any position without wiring
The rented house must not be modified at will, so you must choose the current intelligent projector, which can be placed in any position, and it must support automatic adjustment of the diagonal and automatic trapezoid correction.
For bedroom use, the brightness should be within 1000 ANSI lumens.
At present, these projectors meet these requirements. There are mainly several projectors with prices ranging from $300 to $400.
1. Xiaomi Youth Edition
2. Nut W700
3. Dangbei Projector D1

Among the three models, the most cost-effective is Dangbei D1

Dangbei Projector D1

Dangbei D1 delivers cinematic images with stunning clarity even in the daytime with a 20% improved brightness of 750 ANSL lumens in 4-channel optical Path Technology. Optical machine lens composed of imported glass lens and sapphire protection lens for high-end watches; A paranoid pursuit of high permeability, thermal stability and wear resistance.

Dangbei Projector D1

Mstar 4-core high-end TV CPU is used for faster and smoother response, delivering soft color temperature and reasonable gamma parameters. HFR video optimization provides a more pleasing movie time at home. Smart Holes In Surround Sides And Bottom integrated Dangbei innovative
cooling system offers you a quieter and more stable experience.