Cinderella 2015 movie review: Cate Blanchett might be more charming than Cinderella

Cinderella's stepmother and her two daughters came to the house, and we took the darkness and evil of this home. In a symmetrical composition, Reyla came to meet her stepmother's arrival, and jumped off the first two vulgar, whitewashed overweight girls with her father.The two were full of ridicule and apparently did not, she and her family and Blanchett Playing the stepmother from getting out of the car and entering the room, the lens of black boots, luxurious and costume characteristics, until the woman wearing a black hat pulled into the room, the lens or in her veil, gave her a mysterious and evil smile.


If the stepmother's two daughters don't like it, the stepmother's appearance is cruel and evil. For a moment, looking at her, like a Western fairy witches grabbed the camera and overturned the dark stranger, once warm home an irritating opaque wall. Cinderella and her stepmother are not jealous and resentful and stepmother are doing psychological struggle, I always think that stepmother Cinderella, there is no hate, she really hates Cinderella is a harmonious family and love, is left by mom and dad Nostalgia for her shadow, of course, also included the terrible torture of the stepmother.

At the end of the day, the stepmother used to be a poor woman, and a woman lost her husband twice . Therefore, with two daughters, she had to make a living and do everything she could to please a man, in order to gain vanity and honor The appearance, bones, is nothing but a poor woman in a gorgeous coat.

In the blue jasmine, Blanche ’s jasmine won the Oscar for best actress. In fact, Molly ’s character is similar to Cinderella ’s "stepmother", in the absence of love, abandoned by her husband, but in the past. The difference is that Jasmine is an independent woman after her defeat, she stays on the principle of human survival, stepmothers are different, her strong personality forces her to challenge her fatherhood, this threat Strand from her effectiveness The identity of the Duchess and Countess can be clearly determined. After Cinderella, Cinderella ’s stepmother only had the crying father dying, her third survival was threatened, poor parents, and cruel women in the world, who also loved their children, fact In the first place, Cinderella's stepmother's vicious torture and enslavement only allowed her two daughters to buy some poor self-esteem and dignity.


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