Coco movie review: It is always important to remember the loved ones


Coco is made by Disney's movie studio, Pixar Animation Studios co-produced by "Toy Story," "Finding Nemo," the creative team to build, will be released in China on November 24 .

As always in Pixar's cartoons, Coco" rid of the fairy tale plot, choose to use the adult perspective to express their problems, and at the same time make the children happy in terms of music, rhythm and color control, this is also not exception.

The idea of the story originated from the Mexican Day of the Dead, and the whole story is also spread around the time point of the Day of the Dead: the young boy from the Mexican shoemaker family loves music since childhood, but the family thinks that it is cursed by music, so it is forbidden to play music. His dream began to resist the imprisonment of the family and started a fantasy journey on the Day of the Dead.

In order to more meticulously present Mexican music to local customs, the film has made full preparations, and has done a lot of research on Mexico and its festivals-"We strive to obtain every detail and ensure correctness, we do not want any cultural misunderstandings. . Our criterion for this is not to step on landmines. " For example, the grandmother in the film called the grandson to eat tamal, which is traditional Mexican food; the plaza that appears is called plaza de mariachi, and mariachi is the traditional form of music in Mexico; the town where he lives is called Santa Cecilia, which does not exist, but the name is Mexico The name of the patron saint of music in faith and so on.

The six years of production have made the film beautifully integrate many Mexican elements and tell a beautiful story. As the director said, "I want to show a different Mexico from the news" "In the process of data collection, we also want to celebrate this festival. Through a festival to understand and deepen your ancestors, this is actually a general idea."

In addition, "Coco" is Pixar's first music-based movie, and the powerful music creation team is a highlight of this animation. The overall soundtrack of "Looking for Dreams" is managed by Mike Giachino, who won the Oscar's best original soundtrack with "Flying House" in early years, ensuring that the music has a Mexican style; for the "Frozen" created a classic track " The two musicians of Let It Go (Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez) participated in the musical composition of "Looking for Dreams", and actor Benjamin Blatter will sing Mexico for the film The classic song "Remember Me"; specially invited more than 50 Mexican musicians to play a variety of Mexican characteristic music, involving instruments such as drums, guitars, clarinet, flute, violin, etc. It is recommended to choose Dolby Atmos after the release In the hall.
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Pixar's works often have humanistic care and universal value implantation. The movie has a few points worth noting:

1. This film is another human protagonist after "Superman Agents", "Brave Tales" and "Flying House", and it is also the first time in Pixar's movie that people of color are the protagonists;

2. The movie places great emphasis on the authority and ability of female characters. For example, the roles of grandmother Zeng Zeng and grandma have the right to speak in the family, which reflects the characteristics of maternal society in Mexico;

3. The well-known Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo has appeared many times. Frida once called herself a feminist painter at the end of the 20th century, because her paintings are preoccupied with drawing on female subjects and metaphors in fairness and worshipping women

Fourth, there is an interesting point: the film's release time is the same as the first movie "Toy Story" produced by Pixar, and they are all scheduled for November 22, and the "Toy of Dreams" appears at the beginning. "Mobilization" part of the role.

It is commendable that the second half of "Looking for Dreams" is very impressive. The last 30 minutes alone is enough to win the Oscar for best animation. This is about vulgar themes, love and dreams, affection, music, but Pixar used some tricks to hit the soft part of your heart at the right time. Like the ending, the actor sang the song her father wrote to her in front of Grandma Zeng, and the tears really couldn't help falling.

Mexico's famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Octavio Pas once said: "Death is actually a reflection of life. If death is meaningless, then it must be the same as life." It shows the highest meaning of life; it is the opposite of life, and it is also the supplement of life. "This is also the values and philosophical ideas embodied in" Traveling Around the Dream "-" True death is that no one in the world can remember you ". One of the most pessimistic scenes in the movie is an undead that disappeared because it was completely forgotten. After his death, in the close-up wine glass is Mexican national wine tequila.

"In and out of life, it is always important to remember who you love"

——This is the biggest feeling after being invited to watch the movie in advance by Disney Pictures