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Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch Demo 720-900p and 30fps


Crysis Remastered released a long live demonstration on Nintendo Switch. Crytek has confirmed that the resolution of Crysis Remastered can be stabilized at 720p in the TV mode of Nintendo Switch, and can sometimes reach 900p with dynamic resolution. Similarly, this game is expected to run in handheld mode at a resolution of 540-720p. Regardless of the mode, the Nintendo Switch version runs at 30fps.

Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch Demo 720-900p and 30fps

There are many technical details disclosed in the game video. The developer also revealed that the Switch version will support FXAA, but will not have ray tracing like other versions. Other technical improvements in the Switch version include high-quality textures, global illumination (SVOGI), vegetation changes, optimized dynamic light settings, dynamic resolution, gyroscope aiming, dynamic blur, and halo effects (light and sunlight).

Although this is definitely the longest game demo of Crysis Remastered on Switch, it is not the first. Just last week, Crytek released its first gameplay trailer, showing that this 2007 FPS runs effortlessly on mobile devices. Although this game is now a teenager, when we saw it running on a mobile device, we couldn't help but recall the roar of the graphics card when the computer was running Crysis.

Obviously, the PC and PS4 versions of Crysis will be the first choice for those looking for the best running and best visual experience, but judging from these new performance effects, the Nintendo Switch version is also a good choice.