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04182024 released
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TVs are rolled out every year, so why not projectors? The new Dangbei D6X Pro projector that I just got comes with a “mobile phone” as a gift. Although this "mobile phone" is in quotation marks, it has been applied to projectors and has brought many new ideas in terms of human-computer interaction. Let’s start the projector 3.0 era in a new way.


The new Dangbei D6X Pro released this time has made great adjustments in appearance. First of all, the color color is changed from dark gray to cream white, revealing a fresh and simple style; it is also easier to integrate into the home atmosphere. Whether it is placed on the side cabinet in the living room or on the bed cabinet in the bedroom, it can reflect the artistic sense of the home.

Dangbei D6X Pro front.jpg

On the front of the fuselage, the main lens and TOF camera module are protected by a circle of gold. You can also see the Dangbei D6X Pro, which has a lot of "stacks" in terms of machine vision. It not only has a megapixel CMOS camera, but also is equipped with a TOF laser ranging radar, which can achieve more accurate and fast autofocus and trapezoidal correction.

The newly added integrated smart gimbal below allows the D6X Pro to have a freer projection posture. It can be tilted 225 degrees freely to achieve immersive lying-flat viewing in the bedroom. Let us work as workers so that we can lie down and enjoy life when we go home.


The remote control has also changed from dark color to creamy white now. The button design is still simple and clear. The side shortcut keys are also reserved, and the autofocus can be operated blindly. The cost of use will be much lower than that of other brands of projectors, which is also one of the features of Dangbei projectors over the years.


AI smart screen

Flip the body over and you’ll see the “mobile phone” of Dangbei D6X Pro – the AI smart screen. This is a 7-inch touch display, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. At the same time, it also pioneered the concept of "one machine, two screens" in the projection industry, changing the interaction method of ordinary home projectors and creating a new dual-screen interactive experience; coupled with the addition of smart pan/tilt, it officially opened the 3.0 era of home projection.

Let’s experience this highly disruptive innovative design—AI smart screen.


Let’s first experience some of the companion modes of the AI smart screen. There are a variety of companion modes such as creative clock, suspended lyrics, time album, and art gallery.

Among them, the creative clock has many types of dynamic effect demonstrations. For example, this pull-tab clock can switch between light and dark colors, and it also has a "click" sound effect. It sounds like the pull switch I used to use when I was a kid. This wave of memories and emotional value has been given.


And this scene-based clock has a time-changing animation. Unfortunately, it seems that it cannot switch by itself and has to be triggered manually.


Of course, in addition to these fun functions, the AI smart screen is also very useful.

In the absence of a remote control, we can slide the AI smart screen to interact with the projector to achieve movie playback, music switching and other operations. The operating logic of this magic trackpad is very similar to the trackpad on Apple's Macbook, but the operating gestures are slightly different. But once you use the Magic Touchpad, you won't want to use the remote control again.



In addition, the AI smart screen allows us to enter the application and takes a shortcut. With just two steps of "click and flip", you can quickly open the application, eliminating the need to use the remote control to switch back and forth on the UI interface.

At the same time, with the help of the AI smart screen activation method, when users receive push reminders for popular drama updates or new movie releases, they can also directly click and flip to enter movie viewing mode.


Finally, pull down the AI smart screen and there is a control center similar to a mobile phone. You can control sound, turn on hotspot, activate Bluetooth, switch wifi, retrieve the remote control, etc. I have to marvel that the new Dangbei D6X series, after adding AI smart screens, not only reduces user operating costs, but also allows us to see a novel projection interaction method in the future. Dangbei D6X Pro will also become another milestone.


In terms of internal system, Dangbei D6X Pro has built-in new Dangbei OS4.1. The homepage is still a customizable modular design, giving users relatively large customization rights. And in my application, I found a new "Quick Life" app. According to the official introduction, this is an app with customizable usage scenarios, somewhat similar to the shortcut commands on Apple phones.



  • Fast life
We can customize automated scenarios or task instructions in Express Life.
The specific operation method is as follows. First create an automation scene, and then set a specific condition for the scene. After completing this conditional task, the last operation can be automatically implemented. When I was using it for evaluation, I created a scene where Mango TV would automatically open after booting. Also after I restarted, I successfully entered the Mango TV homepage.


This feature deserves everyone’s thumbs up. With the function of this shortcut command, we can customize any app or mode after booting up, including entering HDMI signal by default. If you have a digital cable TV installed at home and a TV set-top box connected to the HDMI signal source, create a scene where the HDMI signal source is turned on when the startup is completed, and you can watch TV with one click, which greatly reduces the operating threshold for watching TV with a projector.


Reducing the user's cost of using smart TVs and smart projections is also a task that radio and television has been advocating in recent years. Dangbei Projection not only implements user-defined features through shortcut commands, but also solves the need for one-click movie viewing. This evaluation experience brought us a lot of surprises.

Every time I experience Dangbei OS, I have many novel experiences. From the remote control magic keys of Dangbei OS 2.0, to the global shortcut center and magic same screen of Dangbei OS 3.0; to the current Dangbei OS 4.0, the UI desktop is highly liberalized and the customized scenes for fast life. Step by step, we are lowering the user's threshold for use, and at the same time, we are also gradually giving the "right to use" the projector to the user. This is what smart TV manufacturers and smart projection manufacturers need to learn; rather than letting the "smartness" of smart TVs become a way to make money.


Next let’s talk about hardware.

Dangbei D6X Pro is equipped with MediaTek's mid-to-high-end smart display MT9669 chip, which integrates CPU, GPU and APU, and the maximum frequency can reach 1.3GHz. Horizontal comparison is equivalent to the mobile phone processor MediaTek 1200 series or Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Among mobile phone processors, it can also reach the upper-middle level.


After our running test, it scored 160 points in single-core and 447 points in multi-core. This result is basically the upper-middle level of home smart projectors, equivalent to the level of flagship projectors priced above 5,000 yuan.


In addition, the running memory is 3GB, which ensures smooth system operation. The storage space is 32GB, which can fully meet the needs of home smart projection. Even the memory combination of 3+32GB far exceeds the memory space of a smart TV priced at 4,000 yuan.
In terms of interfaces, it is equipped with USB2.0 and HDMI2.1 interfaces, and HDMI has eARC function, which can transmit high-quality audio signals to connect speakers, power amplifiers and other equipment. Speaking of sound, the sound effects of Dangbei D6X Pro have also been improved.


The audio of Dangbei D6X Pro is built into the smart pan/tilt. This design has the advantage of reducing the reflection of sound waves on the desktop, making the sound quality purer. At the same time, it has built-in dual 6W front speakers with a sound cavity volume of 260ml and a bandwidth of 20KHz. In audio mode, you can feel that the treble performance is more transparent, the bass is also full and powerful, and the
vocals are also very clear and accurate.


In addition, as a lightweight model, Dangbei D6X Pro is also very suitable for camping today. As long as you bring a power bank with a power of more than 45W and supports PD protocol, and a dedicated power cord, you can use it directly outdoors. Unfortunately, we don’t have this cable yet. Once the cable arrives, we will bring it with us next time we go camping.

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Finally, there is also the very important picture quality.

According to the official parameters, Dangbei D6X Pro still uses ALPD laser light source technology and adopts a high-brightness light source solution, which eliminates speckle and color fringing problems; the final brightness reaches 1200CVIA lumens. The display chip uses 0.33DMD and high-definition 1080P resolution to ensure picture comfort and immersion.

Through the display of our ultra-high-definition 4K picture renderings, we can also feel the purity of the Dangbei D6X Pro picture. The projected giant pandas and parrots appear lifelike, and the hair details are also relatively clear.



When the AI Colorful Mode is turned on and the AI image quality capability of the CPU hardware is turned on, Dangbei D6X Pro can accurately restore the original colors of the video, and the picture also shows a sense of transparency, which is enough to show that the purity and layering of the colors are both Excellent.



After the entire experience evaluation, Dangbei D6X Pro left a very deep impression on me. To describe it in two words, it is "special".
First of all, it pioneered the concept of "one machine, two screens" for projectors, changing the way ordinary home projectors interact. It’s hard to imagine that a projector can be controlled like a computer or mobile phone. From this point of view, I have also gone from the era of fully manual interaction of projectors to the 2.0 intelligent era, and now to the projection 3.0 era, projectors can now be interacted with through touch.

Another special point is that the new quick life function of Dangbei OS4.0 system has solved the problem of many users' problems with starting up automatically. At the same time, users can deeply customize scenes, making the projector gameplay richer.


If you use the picture effect to evaluate the quality of a projector, then Dangbei D6X Pro is definitely excellent; and the smart screen, smart pan-tilt and fast life experience make Dangbei D6X Pro home projector more perfect. As a projector priced at 4,000 yuan, it can fully meet the needs of our young people for large screens for home entertainment. This is also a home projector that I am more willing to recommend at present, especially for friends who have mobile viewing needs and bedroom viewing needs, it is worth a try.