Dangbei F5 Projector Review, Is it worth buying?


Dangbei F5 as a new product in 2022, attracting a lot of attention, this article is Dangbei F5 projector review, to see if this 1080P projector is worth buying.

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Dangbei F5 follows the square design of the Dangbei F series, this is the first time in the F series of products to add a touch glass design.

In the hardware configuration, Dangbei F5 and the previous generation of Dangbei NEW F3 also have a big upgrade, using the MT9669 chip, while adding DOBLY & DTS sound, equipped with a high-power amplifier, so that Dangbei F5 in the hardware level has a qualitative leap.

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Dangbei F5 has AI color engine picture quality technology, through ai real-time calculation, to show you a more realistic and delicate restoration of the picture. At the same time 4k@120Hz MEMC motion compensation technology plus HDR high dynamic range technology, so you can feel the motion picture without dragging. The ultra-low latency of 16ms gives gamers a smooth picture.

Now let's take a look at the actual screen performance of Dangbei F5. In terms of brightness, Dangbei F5 cooperates with OSRAM and adopts OSRAM's new generation of high-brightness P1MR lamp set, which, in terms of brightness, can be said to be the brightest representative of the current LED light source projection.

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