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Dangbei K1 4K PJ


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Translated From Chinese
1 Appearance display of Dangbei K1 projector

Dangbei K1 can see the master-level performance from the appearance, the body color is mainly dark gray, the surface is made of fireproof plastic material, and the whole frame of the whole machine is made of metal material. In terms of materials and craftsmanship, it reflects the nobility of 4K Master Ultra HD. The size of the bare metal is 253*204*141mm and the weight reaches 3.2kg.

The front face, a 4K resolution lens, is composed of nine special glass lenses to ensure excellent light transmittance; next to the lens is a dual TOF laser + CMOS camera module, and Dangbei's logo. There is a row of honeycomb openings at the bottom of the front face, and a 4K icon is attached.

Dangbei K1 projector sideways

The back is divided into interfaces and heat dissipation. The interfaces are mainly LAN network interface, S/PDIF optical interface, 3.5mm audio interface, two USB interfaces, two HDMI interfaces and the final power interface.

The top is designed with a physical push switch button, the red light indicates the standby state, and the white indicates the power-on state; the four touch buttons, namely the volume plus and minus key, the Bluetooth switch key and the pause key, all use white lights Light up.

2 When K1 projector system experience
when K1 built as shell OS, based on the depth of customization Android8.0. The processor uses the TV flagship chip Mstar848, Mali-G51 GPU, RAM is 3GB DDR4, ROM is 64G eMMC, high configuration brings extremely fast control experience, and can easily decode high-definition video.

Dangbei OS covers the full resources of Mango TV, iQiyi, Tencent, Youku, etc., with more than 7 million hours of film and television resources; mainstream video platforms can support it, and it can fully meet users' viewing needs. Abundant resources are the advantage of Dangbei OS, and its characteristic functions are another advantage. Dangbei OS supports free viewing (similar to "Tik Tok", swiping the large screen), picture-in-picture (floating window playback), movie preview, desktop DIY, sports event customization, remote housekeeping and other functions. Viper will also be launched one after another Sound effects and other functions.


3 Dangbei K1 projector image quality effect

Dangbei K1 projector's optical machine adopts Osram four-channel high-power LED light source, with a brightness of 1850 ANSI lumens; 4K DLP imaging scheme is adopted, which is also the mainstream 4K projection imaging scheme. Can show 4K UHD ultra-clear image quality. The image technology supports HDR10+HLG high dynamic optimization, which optimizes the brightness and color of the screen. Let's take a look at the image quality of Dangbei K1 projector.

The overall picture performance is satisfactory, the 4K resolution can show more details, the water droplets on the leaves and the veins of the leaves can be restored, clear and sharp picture quality; high contrast, rich colors, and the picture is more layered Sense; the landscape screen shot shows a transparent and pure picture, and the color is very accurate. The overall performance is still very satisfactory.

4 Dangbei K1 projector evaluation summary So

far, the evaluation of Dangbei K1 projector is almost over. From the overall experience of appearance, system, image quality, etc., Dangbei K1 can display the effects that can satisfy users; the noble body design, smooth operation experience, and clear and sharp image quality effects all show the same The real kung fu of a 4K projector. To learn more about the projector content or have projector-related issues, please participate in the discussion in the Dangbei Projection Forum .

Dangbei K1 projector features:
  • Resolution, enjoy 4K details
  • High frame rate, support global motion compensation
  • Appearance, new metal appearance design
  • System, light, fast and free experience
  • No sense of focus, fast and clear

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