Dangbei MAX1 vs Nintendo Switch: Which is better?


Dangbei recently released a small and smart TV box Dangbei MAX1. Unlike ordinary TV boxes, Dangbei MAX1 not only provides streaming services, but also game entertainment. Compared to the Nintendo Switch, the Dangbei MAX1 has many unexpected advantages.

Dangbei MAX1 tv box.jpg

1. More Cost-effective

The price of Dangbei MAX1 is only one-third of the price of Nintendo Switch. At the same time, Dangbei MAX1 has more comprehensive functions, which can not only watch movies but also play games.

2. More Game resources

If you want to play games on the Nintendo Switch, you'll need to buy separate game cartridges. But Dangbei MAX1 has built-in Tencent cloud games and has a variety of popular games. Some games that require payment on Nintendo Switch can also be played for free on Dangbei MAX1.

3. Higher Resolution

Dangbei MAX1 supports up to 4K resolution, so even old TVs can still make TVs look brand new. The Nintendo Switch only supports 1080P at most, and even when it is plugged into the base and connected to the TV, the resolution can only reach 1080P. Usually, the highest resolution in handheld mode is only 720P, which is far inferior to the TV box in terms of picture quality.
Nintendo Switch.png
4. Better Portability and adaptability

When gathering with friends, Dangbei MAX1 can use the mobile phone to play quickly, and the small size can make it easy to fit in any pocket. When you want to play the Nintendo Switch with friends on the TV, you need to carry a large base to connect to the TV.

5. Easier Operation

For users who are familiar with TV, Dangbei MAX1 can be easily used without complicated operation. It is totally the same as an ordinary TV and users have no learning cost. For Nintendo Switch, people need to learn how to use it and it needs a handle to play with.

6. Comprehensive Functions

In addition to the game function, Dangbei MAX1 can also watch movies, watch live broadcasts, etc., and has many functions. However, due to the limitations of its system, the Nintendo Switch can only be used for games, and its functions are relatively simple.

7. Various Interfaces

Dangbei MAX1 has a variety of interfaces, which can be used in multiple scenarios. Even older TVs without HDMI ports can be connected. The Nintendo Switch can only be connected to the HDMI interface. If your TV doesn't have an HDMI port, you won't be able to connect to the Nintendo Switch, and you'll have to buy a third-party adapter.

Dangbei MAX1 interface.jpg

Dangbei MAX1 has many highlights when it compared to Nintendo Switch. Dangbei MAX1 can not only decode and play high-definition video, but also run large-scale games smoothly. If you want to watch HDTV and play games in a cost-effective way, the Dangbei MAX1 is a good choice.