Dangbei projector D1 Review: the best additional screen for bedroom!

In recent years, the trend of large-screen entertainment is getting prominent. People start to know more about the smart projector, and it has led to a lot of people's intuitive preference for comparing television to projection. The TV has been technologically mature for so many years and has been living room entertainment center for so long that many people, even if they like the big screen, also dare not quickly to layout the sitting room with projection. If the budget is sufficient, you can consider having both.

For example, the projector is much more convenient than TV to renters. If you have already got a TV in your living room, and still hope for large-screen viewing, arrange a projector in the bedroom as the second screen would be a good option. Of course, such a smart projector is affordable compared to be a high-cost laser projector. Instead, a small household projector is more suitable, such as the Dangbei home cinema projector D1, which has outstanding performance among the projectors at a similar price level.

The launch of Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 completes its projector series on the segment of the small household projector. It's 750 ANSI lumen brightness, 1080p decoding, stereo surround sound. It shows advantages among the projectors of the same price. Let's follow ZNDS to discover how it meets the daily needs.


Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 uses a conventional and portable white box for packaging. From the front, you can see the product shape and the thickness of the package. The product adopts the classic flat style, and the design of the heart shape is unique.

You can find the Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 and accessories in two layers after opening the box. Accessories include Dangbei remote control, power adapter, a pair of AAA batteries, and a manual as the photo below.


After checking everything in the package, let's have an overall introduction of the Dangbei home cinema projector, D1. The material is of ABS plastic. The white unit adopts distinctive heart shape design and looks elegant simplicity, which meets the aesthetic style of young people.


There is only a "Dangbei" Logo on the top, clean and straightforward.


There is a protective black film covering the front of the projector lens. Usually, you can remove it before your first-time usage. The lens applies a material of sapphire glass, which generally uses for high-end watches. Besides delivering an apparent image effect, it is durable and guarantees your long-term use with less thermal deformation and defocusing.


Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 supports 750 ANSI lumen brightness and adopts a four-channel LED light design. It is increased by 20% and quite excellent compared with projectors at the same price segment.

The grid-holes design on both sides is for heat dissipation and ventilation. The internal innovative cooling system can automatically adjust the fan speed according to its temperature, ensures quiet operation. Base on the actual test and measurement, we can see that the running noise is minimal, below 25db.


The interface design of the Dangbei home cinema projector D1 is quite impressive. It is a power-button centered design with other ports on its left and right side, and you can find two USB2.0 ports, HDMI, power button, IR, AUX, LAN, and DC. Two USB ports can meet a variety of entertainment needs at the same time.

Usually, people may think that there is nothing special at the bottom of the projector. However, the Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 is different. Turn over to look at the bottom, a fence design at the bottom is to improve heat dissipation and sound transmission. The sound quality test will be showed and introduced separately in the following.

At the bottom, there are information labels and three rubber anti-skid bases. You can see a screw hole used for the mounting bracket in the middle.


Below is the multi-function remote control with the side button, which makes operation more quickly, and the AI speech by Bluetooth makes the search more efficient.

UI Content

Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 has a fast Dangbei OS, the innovative design of the simple UI interface, the module layout on the home page is clearly defined.

Comparing with the first version of Dangbei OS, the fast edition simplifies the interaction of the UI interface and puts the customization function on "My Application." Press the menu key of the remote control to sort the applications according to the use. The following is an example of the Dangbei market. The remote control is an indispensable part of the interaction of the UI system. Unique features such as short press the remote control's side key can call up the main menu bar, and the long press will turn on the autofocus mode.


Dangbei Home cinema Projector D1 can automatically focus and display a clear image when power on, and it is very convenient to use.


When you enter the setting, you can see a menu pop up from the right side of the interface. You can do the network setting, install third party application, upgrade the system, check the local information, and more to discover. The UI is significantly straightforward and user-friendly.

Dangbei Home cinema projector D1 can expand into massive online resources such as movies, TV, sports, and games.

Dangbei home cinema projector delivers rich content with the right image and sound. We tested the local 4K pictures to see the image quality.

4K image: the following pictures are all real shootings. The 750ansi lumen brightness can show the same effect as ordinary TV in a dark environment. The details are well preserved.

Comparison of lights on/ Off mode: It is evident that the gray level of the image in the daytime has increased a lot. It is not recommended to watch in the bright light environment. Users can improve it with a screen.


Sound quality

Dangbei home cinema projector D1 plays outstanding efforts in the sound quality with excellent hardware. It uses a dual-speaker of 45mm which sound pressure level up to 90dB. The Low-frequency vibration of passive radiators makes the bass more flexible. The performance is outstanding with the stereo surround sound quality in the customized acoustic space.

It outputs pleasing and beautiful music quality. The music is well-organized and rhythmic.

In summary
Dangbei Home cinema projector adapts MSTAR Quad-core processor, the 3ACE-PRO color engine, 1GB, and16GB memory. It supports 750 ANSI lumen brightness,1.2:1 short distance projection ratio, wireless casting function, and dual-band Wi-Fi connection.

If you want to install a second screen in the bedroom to enjoy life and a fashion trendsetter who believes in "You can rent a house, but life." Dangbei home cinema projector D1 is worth in your shopping list.
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