Dangbei X3 Pro (chinese version of Mars Pro)


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"When will Dangbei release the 4K projector? When will the Dangbei 4K laser projector be released?" This is one of the questions I have seen many times in the forum this year, especially when the overseas version of Dangbei MarsPro was released after. Today, the laser light source + 4K resolution mid-telephoto projector - Dangbei X3Pro, it is here.

Dangbei X3Pro is a 4K laser projector using ALPD laser fluorescent light source and equipped with 0.47UHDDMD display chip. It has Android 9.0 intelligent operating system and built-in Dangbei OS system UI. Let's take a look at the evaluation content of Dangbei X3Pro.

01/Appearance Appreciation

Dangbei X3Pro continues the rectangular design of X3 in appearance, with a size of 246*209*173mm , and a glass panel on the front and top of the fuselage , which is full of technology and makes me guess that this thing will be A little expensive. Of course, the body weight also reaches 4.6kg , and it takes two hands to pick up the device.


A semi-packed aluminum alloy filter is used on the back, which extends from the back to the left and right sides, and the Dolby sound and dts logos are also silk-screened on both sides. The aluminum alloy filter screen is evenly sandblasted, and the surface of the fuselage has a frosted effect , which greatly improves the touch of the product.


At the same time, the back of Dangbei X3Pro is equipped with a variety of application interfaces, from left to right are 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB2.0 ports, two HDMI ports, one of which supports eARC, SPDIF optical output port, LAN network port and DC power connector . It can be externally connected to PS5, Switch and hard drives, etc., and the interface expandability basically meets household needs.


The X3Pro remote control is the same as the Dangbei F5. It is equipped with a metal remote control . The hand-held texture is much better than the plastic remote control. The key design is basically the same, but there is an extra side key. Dangbei metal remote control has two side buttons, one for focusing and the other for calling out global shortcut settings.


In addition, in the accessories, a projection lens cleaning cloth is also presented , which can be used to clean the glass panel and projection lens of Dangbei X3Pro. When cleaning the lens, you don't need to buy a cleaning cloth yourself.


From the overall appearance, the Dangbei X3Pro is indeed very similar to the X3 , like a pair of twin brothers, and this is also the domestic version of the overseas Dangbei MarsPro.

02/System experience

UI interface is simple and ad-free

. Dangbei OS on Dangbei X3Pro is based on Android 9.0 in- depth customization, and the underlying system uses a higher version, which can further ensure that the system runs more stably and smoothly. The UI interface of the entire system is very simple, and the video content is clearly displayed. The point is that there are no advertisements in the system, and no advertisements when booting .


The fact that there is no advertisement is very friendly to users, and the problem of TV startup advertisements has always been criticized in smart large-screen products. Many TVs and projectors not only have start-up advertisements, but also have more patch advertisements after they are turned on, which affects the use of users. Of course, it is more difficult for hardware manufacturers to avoid patch advertisements of third-party software.

The global setting operation is more convenient
. The Dangbei OS on the X3Pro is version 3.1, and the application was released at the beginning of this year. Dangbei OS3.1 has added a new floating shortcut setting , which is similar to the negative screen of a mobile phone, and also supports the global page for calling out. Going into settings or turning on other features is very convenient while playing a video.


Global search resources are more abundant
In terms of resources, the built-in film sources of the system cover Mango TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video , etc.; covering mainstream film sources of streaming media. Even if the film source cannot be found, the global search can be used to search for the film source on the entire network, and provide video platform downloads to fully meet the needs of users for watching films.


The X-Vision film source is clearer
When experiencing the Dangbei X3Pro, my favorite plate is "X-Vision". The content in X Vision is all 4K film sources, supports high dynamic HDR wide color gamut, the bit rate reaches +Mbps, and has 5.1 channels ; if the film source is downloaded to the local, the frame rate can reach 60fps . You must know that on ordinary streaming media platforms, the nominal 4K resolution bit rate is around 6Mbps, and the frame rate is also 25fps. It can be seen how important the resources in X Vision are to our fans.


The X3Pro with X Vision also maximizes the hardware strength of its own 4K projector, and also solves the problem that users cannot find 4K film sources . However, it should be noted that the film source in X Vision requires members to watch, but the problem that can be solved with money is not a problem for projector users who choose 8K price.

In the past two years, the use of projectors has gradually become "net celebrity", and many netizens
use projectors to project the background wall for shooting. Dangbei X3Pro also has a built-in application called Atmosphere , which can not only be used as a photography background wall, but also can be set as a screensaver. Walking into the atmosphere background wall, you can also take more background photos of net red projection.



03/High configuration performance

In terms of hardware performance, Dangbei X3Pro is undoubtedly a high configuration, and its configuration level can be understood as the Lamborghini in the car, and the sea blue mystery in the skin care products. In this way, male and female students should be able to better understand.

The main SoC chip of the X3Pro is MediaTek MT9669 , which adopts the quad-core A73 architecture and the GPU is Mali-G52. The computing speed can reach 1.3GHz , and it has 4GBDDR4 running memory and 128GB storage space to ensure the computing speed and operating efficiency of the device. The MT9669 is good at processing video and running software.


In terms of picture correction, Dangbei X3Pro is equipped with ToF and Camera lenses, and also has a dedicated iChips chip for keystone correction, which has more advantages than algorithmic keystone correction , and can easily achieve laser focusing, keystone correction, automatic screen entry and intelligent obstacle avoidance. We also tested focusing, keystone correction and automatic screen entry respectively, which are more efficient in terms of speed and efficiency, but there will be some deviations when automatic screen entry. There are many reasons for the problem of calibration accuracy, and the projection environment and projection screen will have an impact; after all, automatic screen entry needs to identify the black border of the screen, and our screen black border is less than one centimeter.


(auto focus)




(Automatic entry)


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Motion compensation is also indispensable. When Bei X3Pro is playing high-speed moving 4K and 2K images, a new frame will be generated between two adjacent original frames to make the moving images smoother , greatly reducing the smearing phenomenon of the screen. Many high-end projectors and TVs are currently equipped with this type of MEMC motion compensation technology. The animation below has been processed, and the actual effect is subject to the on-site experience.


(Motion Compensation)


(No motion compensation)

Of course, the X3Pro also supports the low-latency HDMI game mode . The game mode needs to compress the time spent by HDMI signal input to respond at the fastest speed. Generally, heavy gamers can accept delays below 30ms. According to the delay test data of Dangbei X3Pro evaluation, the average input delay in game mode is 14ms .



In terms of sound effects, the X3 Pro has built-in two 10W speakers with their own diaphragms , and the dual 10W speakers have higher fidelity volume and better sound effects. At the same time, the two speakers can also better reflect the stereo sound effect, supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS. The audio clips below are for reference only.

04/Look and feel evaluation

The quality of the projector's image quality is mainly determined by the SoC system processing chip and the DMD display chip. The SoC chip is responsible for the video decoding output, and the DMD chip is the key to the picture display, providing higher resolution and brighter picture effects. On Dangbei X3Pro, the combination of MT9669 processor + 0.47DMD4K display chip is used , so that video decoding and picture display can reach 3840*2160dpi resolution. In terms of brightness, the cinema-grade ALPD laser fluorescent light source technology is adopted. The laser light source provides 3200ANSI brightness , which makes the screen display brightness higher. The focus is on the current mid-telephoto projector with 4K resolution + laser light source combination.

Judging from the real-shot picture effect, the X 3Pro's picture is clear and sharp, the color is bright and natural, and the advantages of high brightness are also conducive to showing more details in the dark part of the picture. Especially in the picture of the green lizard, the actual viewing effect of the naked eye is very real, which inadvertently makes me a little creepy.




At the same time, when we evaluated the Dangbei X3Pro, we also compared the light-on and light-off environments . It can be seen that even in the environment with the lights on, the X3Pro's picture clarity and layering are still relatively clear; but the color is still slightly pale.


(Real shooting with lights off)


(turn on the lights for real shooting)

05/Evaluation Summary

Personal satisfaction is still very high for the results of the Dangbei X3Pro evaluation. It is also the projector with the highest brightness and resolution in the projector that I have personally experienced. Going up, the resolution needs to reach 4096*2160dpi, and the price is not what I can support.


Back to the topic, Dangbei X3Pro is in the high rank of intelligent projection products in terms of hardware strength and software level. 4K resolution, 3200ANSI lumens, MT9669 processor, Dangbei OS and other parameters show that this will be Dangbei's first blockbuster product to move from a flagship machine to a high-end machine, and laser and 4K have also opened up the gap between competing products difference. With the success of the X3, the 4K version of the Dangbei X3 Pro, which is widely called for, will become a hit in the projection market in the second half of 2022.

Source: touying.com