Dangbei X5 Pro Laser 4K


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another New Product from Dangbei!

Dangbei X5 Pro is an upgraded version of Dangbei X5. It has a lot of improvements in image quality, and at the same time, it has been upgraded in terms of performance configuration. What about the Dangbei X5 Pro projector? Let's analyze the detailed parameter configuration of Dangbei X5 Pro to see what the advantages and disadvantages of Dangbei X5 Pro projector are, and what the actual home effect is.

How about the Dangbei X5 Pro projector:

1. Optical parameters

: Dangbei X5 Pro uses high-end ALPD laser technology, has a high brightness of 2450CVIA lumens, reaches 4K standard resolution, and the projected picture is brighter and clearer, compared to a projection worth ten thousand yuan. Not inferior.

In terms of color, Dangbei X5 Pro uses AI Ruihua engine, which can complete intelligent color optimization, solve the problems of high frame rate, large noise, and light color of online video resources, display rich color transitions, textures, and details, and highly restore the picture. Color makes the picture more realistic and natural.

In addition, Dangbei X5 Pro is also equipped with hardware-level XSuper super-resolution technology, coupled with the self-developed AI PIXEL algorithm, which can intelligently distinguish different video types and reshape the image quality frame by frame to make details sharper and clearer. Whether it’s a nostalgic old movie, a childhood classic, or a dazzling galaxy and natural phenomena, every detail is clearly visible.


2. System Parameters

Dangbei X5 Pro uses the latest and most high-end flagship master-level processing chip MT9679 in the industry. On this basis, it is equipped with 4G+128G massive storage and built-in Dangbei OS4.0, which is enough to ensure that users can download and store 4K video sources at will. At the same time, it runs smoothly.

In terms of Bluetooth, Dangbei X5 Pro supports BT5.2, which provides faster Bluetooth transmission speed and longer Bluetooth connection distance, making the device more practical; in terms of network, it supports true WIFI6, making the network connection smoother. , reject the stuck problem.


3. Projection parameters

Dangbei X5 Pro is equipped with a 10,000-point 3D ToF laser lens and a CMOS camera module. It supports global non-sensory autofocus and automatic trapezoidal correction functions. It provides millisecond-level correction speeds to keep the picture square and clear, providing users with The best viewing experience, while supporting functions such as automatic screen entry and screen obstacle avoidance, making equipment installation more convenient. In addition, it also supports functions such as remote control retrieval, magic screen sharing, and far-field voice, making the device more practical.

In terms of image processing functions, Dangbei X5 Pro supports HDR10+HLG high dynamic dual decoding technology to make the light and dark details of the picture clearer. It is supplemented by global MEMC motion compensation to avoid smearing and stuttering in the video picture and make the picture silkier. Sliding and immersive experience is a must!


4. Specifications:

Dangbei X5 Pro continues the high-end design of the X series. It is equipped with a 2.5D nano-coated glass cover and an IML suspended glass panel, providing the ultimate skin-like touch experience. The body is made of aviation aluminum, making the entire projector more comfortable. The body looks low-key, luxurious and high-quality.

In terms of interfaces, Dangbei X5 Pro has a rich variety of interfaces, equipped with HDMI2.1, HDMI2.0, USB3.0, USB2.0, S/PDIF, audio and network cable interfaces, which greatly improves the scalability of the device. HDMI2. 1 provides low latency and makes playing games smoother. USB3.0 provides greater bandwidth and allows faster data transfer.


In summary, this is all about the Dangbei X5 Pro projector. From the various parameter configurations, we can find that the Dangbei X5 Pro has a powerful performance configuration, which can provide clear pictures, rich and natural color pictures, and provide greater storage space. , the overall viewing experience is better, and it is a very suitable projection device for home use.