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on it's 10th year anniversary, Dangbei has showcased the Dangbei X5 Ultra using the latest ALPD5.0 laser
Hopefully an international version of this would be released.

How about the Dangbei X5Ultra projector:

1. Super light source:
ALPD5.0 super panchromatic laser technology + 2500CVIA super high brightness + 4K resolution + super high color accuracy

Dangbei X5Ultra adopts the new ALPD5.0 super panchromatic laser technology, has 2500CVIA lumens high brightness, reaching 4K standard resolution, the projected picture is brighter and clearer, and the brightness ceiling of the projector within 10,000 yuan makes the projection during the day stress-free!

In terms of color, it has an ultra-wide color gamut and high color accuracy. It has been certified by TÜV SÜD for professional color accuracy. △E is approximately equal to 1. It can restore the color of the picture at a high level, provide rich and natural pictures, and bring users cinematic enjoyment.


2. Super picture quality: AI Ruihua engine, XSuper super resolution, HDR10+HLG high dynamic dual decoding, global MEMC motion compensation

Dangbei X5Ultra adopts AI Ruihua engine, which can complete intelligent color optimization and solve the online video resource frame It solves problems such as high resolution, large noise, and light colors, showing rich color transitions, textures, and details, highly restoring the color of the picture, and making the picture more realistic and natural.

At the same time, it uses hardware-level XSuper super-resolution technology and the self-developed AI PIXEL algorithm, which can intelligently distinguish different video types and reshape the image quality frame by frame to make details sharper and clearer. Whether it is a nostalgic old movie, a childhood classic, or a galaxy of stars and natural vientiane, every detail is clearly visible.

Dangbei X5Ultra supports HDR10+HLG high dynamic dual decoding technology, which makes the details of the light and shade of the picture clearer, supplemented by global MEMC motion compensation, to avoid smearing and stuttering of the video picture, making the picture smoother, and the immersive experience can be called first-class Absolutely!


3. Super configuration: MT9679 latest flagship master-level processing chip, 6G+128G mass storage, Dangbei OS4.0 system, true WIFI6, Bluetooth 5.2.

Dangbei X5Ultra adopts the industry’s latest and most high-end flagship master-level processing chip MT9679. On this basis It is equipped with 6G+128G mass storage and built-in Dangbei OS4.0, which is enough to ensure that users can download and store 4K video sources as they like, and run smoothly.

In terms of Bluetooth, Dangbei X5Ultra supports BT5.2, which provides faster Bluetooth transmission speed and longer Bluetooth connection distance, making the device more practical; in terms of network, it supports true WIFI6, making the network connection smoother. Reject the Caton problem.


4. Exquisite appearance: 2.5D glass upper cover, IML suspended front panel, touch buttons, aviation aluminum heat dissipation middle frame.

Dangbei X5Ultra continues the high-end design of the X series, equipped with a 2.5D nano-coated glass cover and an IML suspended glass panel. , the ultimate skin-like touch experience, and the body is made of aviation aluminum, making the entire projector body appear low-key, luxurious and textured.

5. Powerful functions: 10,000-point 3D ToF module, global autofocus and automatic keystone correction, automatic screen entry, screen obstacle avoidance and other rich functions.

Dangbei X5Ultra is equipped with 10,000-point 3D ToF laser lens and CMOS camera module, supporting global sensorless automatic Focus and automatic trapezoidal correction functions provide millisecond-level correction speeds to keep the picture square and clear, providing users with the best viewing experience. It also supports functions such as automatic screen entry and screen obstacle avoidance, making equipment installation more convenient. In addition, it also supports functions such as remote control retrieval, screen splitting, and far-field voice, making the device more practical.


6. Rich interfaces: equipped with HDMI2.1, USB3.0, S/PDIF and other mainstream interfaces.

Dangbei X5Ultra has a rich and diverse interface, equipped with HDMI2.1, HDMI2.0, USB3.0, USB2.0, S/PDIF, The audio and network cable interfaces greatly improve the scalability of the device. HDMI2.1 provides low latency and makes playing games smoother. USB3.0 provides greater bandwidth and makes data transmission faster.


To sum up, what is the whole content of Dangbei X5Ultra projector? From the configuration of various parameters, it can be found that the performance configuration of Dangbei X5Ultra is better than that of Dangbei X5, providing higher brightness, high resolution and rich and natural Colorful picture, equipped with powerful configuration and rich functions, it is a projector worth buying that can meet all the needs of building a home theater.


01/ Appearance of Dangbei X5 Ultra

Dangbei X5 Ultra follows the family design of Dangbei "X" series, and uses a similar design to the "brother" Dangbei X5. Dangbei X5 Ultra adopts pure black color matching and 2.5D nano-coated glass The top cover + wrapped in aviation aluminum material, full of texture.


The front of the fuselage is a suspended glass panel, which consists of two parts. The right side is the flight sensor ToF+CMOS camera module, which is used to implement global real-time focusing, keystone correction and other functions. The left side is the projection lens. There is even a 4K logo.


There is a touch-type power button on the top of the fuselage, and the four small holes around it are 4 silicon wheat pickup matrix, which is used for far-field voice recognition. There is also an environmental sensor hidden in the glass panel below, which is mainly used to recognize changes in ambient light, and can automatically adjust the brightness of the projector to make viewing more comfortable.


The side of the fuselage is hollowed out for heat dissipation, and the symmetrical heat dissipation design makes it easier to ensure internal heat dissipation and ventilation to a greater extent.



02/Dangbei X5 Ultra system

In terms of system, Dangbei X5 Ultra uses the new Dangbei OS4.0 system. The UI interface has a refreshing design style and is light, fast and free. It is known as a large-screen IOS system. In addition, Dangbei OS4.0 also supports features such as Findme remote control retrieval and dual screens.

Of course, as the main software business, Dangbei has advantages in built-in resources and application ecology. The content resources cover the full resources of many video platforms such as Mango TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku. Dangbei X5 Ultra supports far-field voice function. You can directly download third-party application software in Dangbei market through voice. The far-field voice function is also very sensitive and can be easily awakened by "Hello, Dangbei". At the same time, it is also equipped with children's mode and elder mode.

In terms of configuration, Dangbei X5 Ultra uses the MT9679 chip, a high-end projection product, which supports Dolby and DTS; the system memory is 6GB and the storage capacity is 128GB, which can support expansion of USB flash drives and mobile hard drives; it can fully meet the needs of daily home viewing.


03/Dangbei X5 Ultra image

quality In terms of picture quality, Dangbei X5 Ultra uses high-end ALPD5.0 technology, with an actual brightness of up to 2500 CVIA lumens and a standard resolution of up to 4K, ensuring that the picture is bright and clear. Here is the actual measured picture of Dangbei X5 Ultra. , to see how the picture quality of Dangbei X5 Ultra is:




It can be seen from the picture that Dangbei X5 Ultra has bright and rich colors, and the color rendering is very accurate. The details in the image are more delicate, especially in the details of wheat ears, where the details can be clearly distinguished.


04/Summary of Dangbei X5 Ultra evaluation

In summary, it can be found that the overall performance of Dangbei X5 Ultra is quite excellent. It not only provides excellent picture performance, but also has powerful performance configurations and rich and diverse functions.

In the actual viewing experience, Dangbei X5 Ultra fully meets the needs of daily life, especially Dangbei OS brings a variety of scene experiences. After the overall evaluation was completed, Dangbei X5 Ultra really gave me enough surprises. If you need an all-round projector, then Dangbei X5 Ultra is definitely the benchmark for laser projectors and is the most suitable choice.


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More Overview

1. Foreword: Just in time for the 10th anniversary of Dangbei, X5 Ultra, the pinnacle of the industry

Dangbei has a history of 10 years. Considering that Dangbei has only entered the projection industry since its establishment in 2019, it has only been 4 years. This "dark horse" has become a domestic TOP brand, which is enough to see that its technology research and development capabilities are strong enough.

In the first half of this year, Dangbei launched a brand new X5, which continued the advantages of the X3 series, and after raising a new level in terms of brightness and functional details, it became one of the brightest smart projection products at present, but it It didn't stop there.

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Dangbei, it has brought the high-end flagship X5 Ultra, which has evolved again in multiple dimensions. This is also a sincere work of Dangbei. Kuai Technology has received this new product. This product is under review.


1. The combination of three-color laser + three-color LED light source brings a more pure projection effect

This new Dangbei X5 Ultra laser projector has not changed much from the appearance of the previous Dangbei X5, but the internal configuration has been improved by more than one grade. It can be said that it uses a cross-generational projector technology too.

2500CVIA ultra-high brightness, coupled with ALPD 5.0 super panchromatic laser technology , shows a better and more perfect picture effect than the previous generation Dangbei X5.

Known as the fourth-generation light source, ALPD5.0 technology is a unique combination of light technology, which can realize the efficient combination of laser light source and LED light source. Its main principle is "three-color laser + three-color LED" , this technology can perfectly offset the speckle problem of the three-color laser and the low brightness of the LED light source, showing all the advantages of the two light sources, that is to say, it has the high brightness of the laser light source and the good color of the LED light source. The good color gamut of the three-color laser shows the ultimate picture effect, making the color details and texture of the picture more delicate, and the color reproduction more realistic.

Although the combination of laser light source and LED light source may cause light source loss, the ALPD5.0 super panchromatic laser technology developed by Appotronics can perfectly solve these small problems. It can combine laser and LED light sources Complementary, and can be modulated according to the brightness ratio of laser and LED. With the increase of laser ratio, to achieve the fundamental purpose of covering a larger color gamut, while overcoming the problems of speckle and dispersion caused by pure laser display.

That is to say, in the case of the same lumen brightness, the ALPD 5.0 super panchromatic laser technology will make the picture brighter and the display effect more pure. In addition, the AI intelligent algorithm provides dynamic color gamut identification and adjustment for different film sources. Accuracy, color gamut, comfort, and contrast will all be significantly improved, restoring the most realistic picture colors.

2. RAM+ROM specifications are improved to be smoother and smoother

The hardware specifications have also been upgraded. The flash memory and memory have been upgraded to a combination of 6GB LPDDR4+128GB eMMc. With the MT9679 flagship chip, this configuration is placed
in the entire laser projector category, and its status is equivalent to that of flagship mobile phones. Complex scenes can also It is easy to control and can bring a smoother and smoother experience when using it.

3. The display resolution has been increased to 4K for better picture quality

Dangbei X5 Ultra has increased the display resolution to 4K
, and the definition is 4 times that of 1080P projection, bringing more delicate picture quality performance, as well as XSuper super resolution, AI Ruihua and other picture quality technology blessings, combined with dual 12W Full-range speakers complement the audio-visual experience.

It can be said that it can directly complete the configuration of a 10,000-yuan laser projector in one step. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of this Dangbei X5 Ultra.


2. Appearance: Continuing the X series IML floating panel shape DMD 0.47" can output 4K resolution


In terms of appearance, the appearance is in the same line as its own X3 and X5. They both adopt the IML suspension panel shape and aluminum alloy metal frame, which brings a heavy feeling and a warmer feel like jade.

The size is slightly different, reaching 257×203.9×170.8mm, which is 15.34% larger than the Dangbei X5, and the weight has also reached 4.6kg.


There is a huge optical-mechanical lens on the front, which uses DMD 0.47", and the lens is printed with 4K ULTRA HD. This is also an obvious upgrade compared to the previous generation. It can output 4K resolution, with a brightness of up to 2500CVIA, and a maximum projection of 300 inches. Extra large screen.

With 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, coupled with the high brightness and top-level colors of ALPD5.0 technology, Dangbei X5 Ultra allows users to enjoy 4K ultra-high-definition cinema-level experience at home without leaving home.


The TOF module uses Guangwei 3D iToF, which brings the all-knowing AI vision system 2.0, which can transmit and receive thousands of signals at the same time, and has super environmental perception capabilities.

With the latest deep learning algorithm, the focus and correction reaction speed and time of the projector can be maximized. It can be said that the movement can be corrected and focused instantly without manual operation, which is convenient and worry-free, and this is Dangbei’s. Strengths.


At a glance from the side, there are air inlets on the left and right sides, taking into account the role of the speakers, equipped with two 12W full-range speakers, with a large sound cavity of 600ml volume, which can support Dolby Audio&DTS:X decoding, Viper sound effects, and can be customized according to the original sound. Position sound details at every location to present a real, shocking, and immersive enveloping listening experience.



At an overview of the rear position, the top is for various interfaces, and the bottom is for the air outlet.

The interfaces from left to right are DC power input, RJ45 network port, S/PDIF, 2 HDMI 2.1, one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


The top details of the Dangbei X5 Ultra laser projector continue the classic design of the X series, using a 2.5D nano-coated glass top cover, and the small holes around the power button are photosensitive and sound pickup holes.



The dark metal remote control also adopts a classic layout, with two function buttons on the side, the red button can realize the focus function, and the black button is the shortcut center for exhalation.

3. Brightness and picture performance: 2500CVIA+ALPD5.0 super full-color laser technology with superb performance when turning off the lights and on

——Brightness test


During this round of brightness testing, we used a 100-inch photon screen to check the performance of the Dangbei X5 Ultra projector.

In a light-off environment, although there is a certain amount of ambient light in the office conference room, it does not receive interference. Thanks to the brightness of 2500 CVIA lumens and the blessing of ALPD5.0 super full-color laser technology, the details and colors of the picture can be clearly displayed. It is also very rich, without any speckle problems, and the picture is perfectly projected. Even when compared with a notebook, the picture effect is not inferior.

In terms of color accuracy this time, Dangbei X5 Ultra has a color gamut volume of REC.709 206%, DCI-P3 152%, and BT.2020 110%, and it has also achieved a high mass production ΔE<1 The color accuracy has passed TÜV SÜD professional color accuracy certification, and is also supported by 10-bit color depth, 1.07 billion colors, and HDR10+&HLG dual decoding technology. It can accurately predict the original color of the film, so there is no need to worry about color cast problems during the viewing experience. It can be said that there is not much difference from LCD TV.


When the light is on, thanks to the advantages brought by the ALPD5.0 super full-color laser and 2500CVIA high brightness of Dangbei X5 Ultra, it can resist the impact of light after turning on the light, and it is clear enough for daily viewing and projection. The resulting picture is quite excellent in terms of color and contrast.

This time, Dangbei X5 Ultra also supports switching of different types of light sources. Let's take a look at the differences of other projection solutions.


Dangbei X5 Ultra supports the [light source type switching] function, which allows you to freely switch between the three modes of super full-color laser, full-color LED, and mixed light mode, which meets the needs of users in different situations and what kind of experience they want to experience. All types of light sources can be satisfied, and it’s really a multi-purpose experience.


The picture in mixed light mode is composed of a combination of red laser + three-color LED. A certain previous XGIMI projector used this technology, which can provide a relatively excellent picture with good speckle control, but the color will be slightly different. It is much inferior. After all, there is only one laser light source. When switching from the super full-color laser mode to this mixed light mode, you can immediately feel that the color of the picture is not as rich as before.


When switching to full-color LED mode, since there is no participation of laser light source, the brightness drops very obviously, and the visual effect of the picture is also greatly reduced. It is generally only recommended to be used in dim environments.

From these three light sources, the best is naturally the APLD 5.0 super full-color laser. After all, with the combination of three-color laser + three-color LED, the performance of the projected image is the best, whether it is brightness or color. The picture clarity is impeccable.




In addition to the blessing of 2500CVIA and ALPD5.0 super full-color laser, I have to mention the two features of XSuper super resolution and AI sharp painting.

XSuper super resolution can reshape image quality. Even low-resolution film sources can be repaired and reshaped frame by frame through AI algorithms to improve image clarity, contrast, and color saturation, and achieve pixel-level optimization.

AI Ruihua can perform dynamic color enhancement, which can optimize colors and perform color enhancement processing on the picture in real time, making the picture quality more vivid and the colors more distinct.

The Dangbei X5 series is equipped with these two functions. It is recommended to turn on these two functions when using a projector, which can effectively improve the look and feel of movies and TV shows. Even old movies can bring a very comfortable look and feel.


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The following is a real projection picture of an office environment with diffuse reflection of external ambient light (camera straight out, only cropped, no post-processing, etc.):


















If the above are not all proofs taken directly from the camera, it would be difficult to believe that these are images projected by the Dangbei X5 Ultra projector. We might even mistakenly think that the wallpapers are put up, which is enough to show the power of the Dangbei X5 Ultra.


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——Screen test


In terms of color performance, there is no offset problem, and there is no merging of color blocks. The color distribution diagrams all appear triangular, and the shadows of the chromosphere diagram are too natural.


As a one-stop high-end flagship projector, the resolution of the machine cannot be ignored. The Dangbei X5 Ultra projector has achieved a resolution of 4K this time, which has brought considerable improvement in clarity, reaching 4K in 1080P. times, bringing users a clearer experience when watching movies in their daily lives. They can watch 4K ultra-high-definition movies directly at home, eliminating the need to go to the cinema in the future.

5. Dangbei OS 4.0: Brings widgets, camping mode and other functions


Dangbei X5 Ultra is equipped with Dangbei OS 4.0 built on Android 12. One of its features is the self-developed quantum engine, which launches in-depth optimization and deep cleaning for resource scheduling, resource calculation, etc., bringing a smoother user experience, including System performance such as boot speed, application installation speed, application startup speed, and page fluency has been greatly improved.


The most intuitive change after entering the homepage is that the interface of film and television resources has changed from the original operation logic of selecting categories up and down, and selecting film sources left and right, to a waterfall flow style of different categories. You can also quickly enter the channel you want to watch on the homepage. .

After upgrading to Dangbei OS 4.0, it maintains the core user experience of "light, fast and free". There are no ads from booting up to entering the homepage, bringing users a very refreshing experience.


Dangbei X5 Ultra has added a 4K zone to the original multi-platform full video resources, introducing a variety of 15-20Mbps lossless 4K genuine film sources, no matter the details, colors, and sounds, it is better than the conventional 1080P look and feel.

The large screen combined with Dolby Audio & DTS:X decoding and Viper sound effects allows you to enjoy a cinematic viewing experience at home.



In Dangbei OS 4.0, the homepage has also undergone major changes. It has added smart widgets. In addition to the first-party system's own APP, it is also adapted to commonly used APPs such as Mango TV and Cloud Audiovisual Aurora. Placing the component on the desktop can provide quick access.



Dangbei X5 Ultra still has the fun and interesting function of camping mode. It has a simple interface but is very rich in functions, which can meet the different needs of friends when they are outdoors. For example, it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music and karaoke. .

There are also photo walls for romantic scenes such as confessions, multiplayer game interactions, and bullet screens, which enrich the atmosphere of camping. You can have fun with your friends anytime, anywhere.

6. Summary: Dangbei’s 10th anniversary sincere work is the most extreme laser projector among 10,000 yuan.

I thought that the experience of Dangbei X5 was already extreme enough, but I didn’t expect that Dangbei X5 Ultra, launched on Dangbei’s 10th anniversary, has ALPD 5.0 super full-color laser technology + 2500CVIA high brightness + 4K ultra-high-definition resolution + large memory configuration With the blessing, the visual experience is achieved to the extreme.

After actual testing and experience, even in a semi-open office during the day, the author can truly feel the excellent effect of "you get what you pay for" of this high-end product. The screen projection effect has reached the look and feel of an LCD TV. level, there is almost no picture loss when turning on and off the lights, which feels really comfortable and worry-free.

The 4K output picture is supported by features such as AI Color Engine, You can enjoy theater-level audio-visual effects without turning off the lights, which is the ultimate laser projector specification.

The functions of non-sensory autofocus, automatic keystone correction, and automatic screen entry are actually the same as those of Dangbei X5. It can achieve a "turn on and watch" experience with almost no manual operation, bringing you a squarer and clearer picture anytime and anywhere.

After all, the upgrade point of Dangbei X5 Ultra focuses on the improvement of image quality and brightness, but the camping mode brought by Dangbei OS 4.0 is also quite practical, including karaoke, photo wall, and multiplayer games, which further enriches this experience. Usage scenarios of this laser projector.

It can be said that this Dangbei X5 Ultra has fully utilized the five major skills of screen brightness, color accuracy, color gamut, comfort, and clarity. It is an all-round hexagonal fighter that can fight very well. The configuration is done in one step.

If you have high requirements for the audio-visual experience and want to buy a high-quality projector that is in place in one step, then I think this sincere Dangbei X5 Ultra must be the right choice in the price of 10,000 yuan.


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Since Dangbei launched the annual blockbuster 4K projector Dangbei X5 Ultra, the most common question I have been asked is whether Dangbei X5 Ultra is more worth buying compared to JMGO N1 Ultra or XGIMI RS Pro3 ; as a professional Projection enthusiasts must not miss the review of this Yusan machine. They are also very interested in the ALPD5.0 super full-color laser technology launched by Dangbei X5 Ultra. This time, I also want to take a look at this through a comparison of these three models. Is technology really as powerful as the legend says?

This time we will give you a comprehensive evaluation experience based on appearance, brightness, picture quality, color, sound quality, gaming experience, etc. to see which of these three 4K projectors is the most cost-effective 4K projector. Which one is the most worth buying?

In terms of appearance, we will not describe it too much. You can see the picture effect. I think the appearance design of these three projectors each has its own characteristics. For example, the design of Dangbei has always been calm and grand, and the appearance of XGIMI is relatively It leans towards the Nordic style. Some people say the nutty gimbal design is convenient, while others say it is useless.
In fact, the author prefers the appearance design of Dangbei X5 Ultra, which continues the classic design of Dangbei X series and looks great when placed at home. The design of the remote control is a bit stingy with a nutty feel, while both Jimi and Dangbei are more high-quality.

(From left to right: Nut N1 Ultra, XGIMI RS Pro3, Dangbei X5 Ultra)

1. Comparison of picture effects​

The comparison of a projector’s brightness, color, resolution, color gamut and other image quality is the most important. After conducting a series of actual measurements on these three projectors, we found that the brightness and color of Dangbei X5 Ultra The performance is the best, followed by JMGO N1 Ultra, and finally XGIMI RS Pro3 . Of course, these are not the author’s nonsense. They are all obtained through actual measurements. Let’s take a look at the analysis below.

1. Brightness performance:​

For the actual measured brightness, because the brightness units of the three companies are different, the nationally prescribed CVIA lumen test method was not used this time. Instead, the 9-point ANSI lumen measurement method was chosen to test the brightness value. On a 47-inch screen, our actual measurement results are that the Nut N1 Ultra is 2163 ANSI lumens , Dangbei X5 Ultra is 2407 ANSI lumens , and XGIMI RS Pro3 is 1902 ANSI lumens, which also confirms what we said above that Dangbei X5 Ultra has the best brightness performance. .



Why are the brightness performance of the three high-end 4K flagship projectors so different? It is mainly due to their different light sources.
Dangbei X5 Ultra uses the industry's most advanced ALPD5.0 super full-color laser light source , JMGO N1 Ultra uses a three-color laser light source, and XGIMI RS Pro3 uses mixed light source technology . Choosing projection means choosing a light source. Which of these three companies uses the best light source, which can determine most of the parameters of the picture? That must be the ALPD5.0 super full-color laser.

Everyone should be familiar with Nut’s three-color laser . This technology has been used for a long time. It is a light source composed of three laser beams. The advantages of the three-color laser are high brightness and good color gamut, but there are also disadvantages. It's obviously a matter of speckle and dispersion .
The light mixing technology used by XGIMI RS Pro3 adds a red laser to the three-color LED light source, which can also achieve the advantage of high brightness, but the disadvantage is that the color gamut of the picture is not high and the colors are not enough.
The ALPD5.0 super full - color laser
used by Dangbei It has high brightness, high color gamut, can perfectly avoid its speckle problem, and has all the advantages of three-color LED. It can be said to be the most advanced and perfect light source technology in modern times.

2. Screen performance:​

After talking about the differences in light source technology between the three, let’s take a look at the actual performance. After comparing the three projections with the original image, Dangbei X5 Ultra has the best color performance and the widest color gamut, followed by JMGO N1 Ultra. The last one is XGIMI RS Pro3.



In terms of color gamut and color accuracy, Dangbei X5 Ultra is also the best, and JMGO N1 Ultra is also pretty good. The colors and color gamut width of both machines are relatively full, while the picture of XGIMI RS Pro3 feels much less colorful . , there is a color cast problem, 255, 270, 315, 90, 330 color blocks have a color cast.

In this picture , the brightness of the Nut N1 Ultra picture seems to be relatively high, but the actual comparison with the original picture is a bit different. In terms of color accuracy, Nut has not done a good job. It feels like the picture has been processed by special effects. The processed picture will actually look more uncomfortable . From this point of view , the image restoration of Nuts is not very good .

When testing SDR film sources, Dangbei X5 Ultra's dynamic performance of light and dark is still very perfect. The picture is the best among the three. The bright parts are stable, the dark parts are not black, and there are many dark details . The dark parts of JMGO N1 Ultra and XGIMI RS Pro3 are a bit too dark, and there are too few details in the dark parts.

When testing HDR film sources, although the overall color performance of the three machines is similar, the dark performance of XGIMI RS Pro3 is the worst. There are very few levels of houses in the lower right corner, and not enough dark details are displayed . It can also be seen from the side that the contrast of XGIMI RS Pro3 is the lowest, while the dark details of Dangbei X5 Ultra can be fully displayed and are more layered.

If you change to a darker picture, the effect contrast will be more obvious. Although the Nut N1 Ultra in the upper right corner looks brighter on the surface, the effect is not close to the original picture, as if it has been filtered. The performance of XGIMI RS Pro3 in this kind of dark field is very poor. The picture is dark and blurry, which has reached the point where it is difficult to see clearly. The dark field performance of Dangbei X5 Ultra in the upper left corner is very good. The effect is almost the same as the original image, and the contrast is pretty good.

2. How is the contrast of Dangbei X5 Ultra? The actual picture effect far exceeds the same price​

To judge the picture effect of a projector, the machine's brightness, resolution, color, tint, and contrast are all indispensable parameters . When Bei X5 Ultra was launched, some voices attacked its contrast on the Internet, saying that this The contrast of the machine is not high, so it is not worth buying; netizens who carefully read the author's review above will know that Dangbei X5 Ultra is the best among these three high-end flagship projectors in all aspects of picture performance, whether it is brightness, color or The light and dark details of the picture are better than the other two.
We have to look at things rationally. Not one parameter can determine the overall performance of the picture. If the contrast of Dangbei X5 Ultra is low and the picture effect is not good, then wouldn’t the contrast of the other two be even lower? Wouldn’t the picture effect be worse? First of all, the contrast parameter is only a small parameter in the picture, and its importance is far less important than parameters such as brightness and color.

Secondly, if you want the contrast of the picture to be particularly high, you also need to create a specific environment. The projection environment is required to be very dark and the brightness of the picture cannot be too high to fully display the contrast of the picture. This is not possible in ordinary home viewing environments. , and the brightness of Dangbei X5 Ultra is very high. The picture will also illuminate the surrounding environment , so there will be no particularly dark scenes.

If it is placed in a living room scene, then the brightness of a projector is the most important first, because the light resistance of the picture must be considered, and then the color, resolution, comfort, fluency, etc. of the picture, and then the contrast. It’s no use being high. Dangbei X5 Ultra achieves perfect scores in these dimensions, and its contrast ratio is also up to standard.


In fact, everyone has different feelings about the picture. Some people like rich colors, and some people like lighter colors. However, the picture with the highest degree of restoration is definitely not wrong; Dangbei X5 Ultra, Nut N1 Ultra, XGIMI The color picture effects of the three RS Pro3 machines also have their own characteristics, but overall, the Dangbei X5 Ultra equipped with ALPD5.0 super full-color laser technology has the best picture performance ; generally speaking, this high-end flagship projection amplifier It is more suitable in the living room. In places with a lot of ambient light like the living room, the high brightness and wide color gamut of the Dangbei X5 Ultra is the best.


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