Dialogue with "The Invisible Guest" Spanish Director Oriol Paulo in Barcelona

Oriol Paulo :"My home in Barcelona, I have not been out in the apartment for two weeks, " Oriol Paulo looked a little dignified. "The current epidemic in Spain can be described as severe, the number of deaths in the new crown epidemic , Has surpassed China. And you must consider that Spain is smaller than China, so it is not difficult to imagine how severe Spain is . "

Dialogue with The Invisible Guest Spanish Director Oriol Paulo in Barcelona

As for the situation of the new crown epidemic in China before , Oriol Paulo was very concerned, " I was really worried when the outbreak broke out in China a few months ago , because I have many friends in China, I contacted them to ensure their safety ", and when the Spanish epidemic worsened, " the situation was reversed, they were worried about me . " This "reversal" made him feel deeply, "This will let you know that this is a global epidemic, a problem that the world needs to solve together . "

Dialogue with The Invisible Guest Spanish Director Oriol Paulo in Barcelona

According to Oriol Paulo describes, Spain and there have been many film and television creative about the epidemic, " we have a great TV series" Best Day ", as well as a decade ago to shoot the film" Armageddon " , when you see The picture of this movie reflects exactly what is happening in Barcelona today. The streets are empty, no one is going out, and everyone is in the apartment, almost exactly the same as it is now. "

He also believes that there will be a TV series or film that records the anti-epidemic in the future, "Maybe as the new crown epidemic spreads, there will be a lot of material that records this day, but in my opinion we need time, need A process to understand these materials, and talk about the life we lived in this time of anti-epidemic . "

Now, Oriol Paulo, who is "foot-free" at home, is using this time to prepare for the creation of the next movie script . " It has nothing to do with the current epidemic. It will be a moving thriller. It is currently forbidden at home The situation will eventually give you a deeper understanding of yourself. As far as I am concerned, I will use this time to be creative and come up with new and better movie plots . "