Digital Foundry talks about SONY PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility


According to Wccftech, Digital Foundry talked about downward compatibility with SONY's PlayStation 5 in its latest video, and the two moderators concluded that games with unlocked frames or dynamic resolution on the PS4 would have a much better experience on the new console.

PlayStation 5

SONY has announced that the vast majority of its 4, 000-plus playstation lineup will be available on the PS5. Digital Foundry's co-hosts point to Dark Souls Ⅲ and SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice as examples, saying that games that don't lock frames or use dynamic resolution on the PS4 will have a much improved experience on the PS5. The former unlocked the frame rate limit after the PS4 Pro patch, while the latter did not lock frames when it was released. The two games were limited by poor performance on the PS4 platform, but could run as 60FPS on the PS5.

PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility

In addition, Digital Foundry that lock frame and using a fixed frame rate of the game, such as Bloodborne on PS5 platform not have much experience of ascension, and the Final Fantasy XV on PS5 also will get the picture, because this on PS4 Pro have different operating mode, such as 4 k hd model, 30 FPS lock frame and don't lock frame model, Digital Foundry that its performance is stronger on the new host of performance will be improved.

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