Do you really know how to choose the right TV size?


When we buy TVs, we may not know much about 4K resolution, 64-bit chips, and HDMI interfaces, but we all know that we should choose the size of the TV according to the principle of "watching a big TV in a large living room and watching a small TV in a small living room". But now the screen of the display device is getting bigger and bigger, and the size of the TV we can accept is getting bigger and bigger. How big is the size to get the best viewing effect?

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TV size refers to the length of the diagonal of the screen. TV size refers to the size of the TV. Specifically, it refers to the length of the screen diagonal (excluding the TV bezel) in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

Take a 55-inch TV as an example: 55 inches is sometimes referred to as 55 inches, or 55'', which is 55 inches (1.397 meters) diagonally.

The widely used size selection method is not accurate enough. The commonly used method is to select the size according to the viewing distance.

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The viewing distance is easy to measure and is generally slightly less than the width of the room. At this fixed viewing distance, the field of view of the human eye is also fixed, so there is a better TV size.

1. The size of the TV is too small: Items next to the TV (such as walls, speakers, TV boxes, etc.) will appear in the field of view together with the TV screen, disturbing the viewer's attention and making it difficult to gain a sense of immersion.

2. The TV is of the right size: you can enjoy the full screen and get a sense of immersion.

3. The size of the TV is too large: it is impossible to enjoy the full picture.

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So if you want to choose the best TV size, it's best to use a TV size calculator to work out the best size for your space. You just need to enter the size or the viewing distance of your room, then you can get the best size of TV.