Do you use Apple Music Spatial Audio?


Apple Music received spatial audio and lossless audio support in June 2021, and Apple promised that its entire catalog of 75 million songs would be available in a lossless format, and according to Schusser, the company has delivered on its promise.

More than half of Apple Music users use spatial audio.png

While the entire Apple Music catalogue supports higher-quality formats, the limitations of Bluetooth and the inability of headphones like AirPods to play lossless audio remains a challenge, Schusser said.

In terms of spatial audio, Apple has partnered with music studios to continuously introduce new songs that support spatial audio, while still focusing on ensuring the quality of the song's mix. According to Schusser, more than 50 percent of Apple Music subscribers are using spatial audio.

Apple is addressing the limitations of Bluetooth by creating a new wireless protocol, with the next-generation high-end AirPods Pro expected to launch this year supporting lossless audio playback.