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Do young people's living rooms install a TV or a projector?


Have you ever thought about a question that do you really need a TV in the living room at home? Do young people's living rooms install a TV or a projector? Of course, if there are elderly people at home, you must consider installing a TV set in the elderly room to facilitate watching the news. The home theater is relatively more complicated to operate, and may not be suitable for the elderly. For young office workers, what kind of living room do you need?

Do young people’s living rooms install a TV or a projector?

I don’t know if you have noticed that the computer and TV at home have not been turned on for a long time. Turning on is used as background music. As the functions and APP content of smart phones become more and more abundant, TV sets, which were once home entertainment centers, have become less attractive, and mobile phones are used most often at home. So the common scene is that several people are sitting on the sofa and playing with their mobile phones, and even when friends are partying, they are also playing with their mobile phones. Every day after work or during weekend breaks, reading books, chatting, watching a hearty movie, would be very nice lifestyle.

Reading area
The living room is a center for communication, reading and leisure for the whole family. Put a bookshelf in the living room and arrange a reading area. The whole family gathers to read and share, and cultivate the interest of reading for the next generation.

Do young people’s living rooms install a TV or a projector?

For example, in the design above, the living room chooses an enclosed layout to replace the traditional TV-centric layout. The furniture can be moved flexibly to meet various scene modes such as parent-child interaction, movie watching, and meeting guests.

The bookcase on the whole wall, can fully satisfy the book storage. The upper bookshelf can be customized according to different books for easy classification. The lower two layers are slightly higher than the conventional ones. They mainly store larger children's books, which are close to the ground for easy access by children. There is no coffee table in the living room, leaving as much space as possible for the children.

Do young people’s living rooms install a TV or a projector?

Viewing area
Why should I watch a movie? The advantage of a movie is that we can travel around the world without leaving home and experience the magic that cannot be experienced in real life. At present, most families do not have the conditions to set up an independent audio-visual room. The living room theater is a relatively good choice. Use giant screen projection to replace the TV, just put down the screen when watching the movie. Children will not indulge in watching TV. In the spare time of busy work, weekends or after work, turn on the projector and home theater speakers, the whole family sits together, watch an immersive movie, experience an adventure together in the movie, which really is a kind of enjoyment. If your home is being renovated and you plan to install a theater, don’t forget to arrange the wires in advance.

Once there was a lack of entertainment activities, the TV was the entertainment center for the whole family. Now the times have changed. Maybe it is a good choice to build a giant-screen living room theater.