Does a smart TV need a cable box?


Does a smart TV need a cable box? Many people don't know about smart TVs, they don't know if they still need to connect cables after buying a smart TV. Here's what to tell you: You can use your smart TV without cables.

Because you can watch TV shows on smart TVs as long as they are connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can watch TV shows and movies through a variety of apps downloaded to your TV. Some of apps are free while others require a monthly subscription like Netflix, Hulu.

So how do you use your smart TV without cables?

Smart TVs are used without cables. The freedom to choose from so many streaming services is part of what makes these devices so great. First make sure you have a WIFI wireless network in your home, or a wired network.

To connect your smart TV to WIFI wirelessly:

First enter the network settings, search for your WIFI name, click connect. Then enter the correct network password, then your smart TV will successfully face the network, and you can freely use streaming services to watch TV.

networt settings.png

Connect your Smart TV to the Internet via cable:

Some smart TVs also have Ethernet ports, so if you're looking for a more stable connection, they can hook up to your home's internet. If you want to hardwire your Smart TV to your Internet network, but the TV doesn't have a built-in Ethernet port, you can or can buy a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

TV Ethernet ports.jpg