Does my epson 3800 projector work for this screen?

Hi guys,
I have a Epson Home Cinema 3800 projector, which it has 3000 lumens.
Can I use this screen for my projector? The following screen shows compatible only with 2500 lumens? Does it mean my projector(with 3000 lumens) will not work?
Any help will be appreciate!
Thank you!



That price is almost the same as a smart projector. Projector screens are available on Amazon for tens to hundreds of dollars.

Maybe this curtain is of better quality? But anyway, maybe it's for those who buy a super expensive projector and have a good budget.
I find this on amazon. Are there any cheaper than this ones? Is the quality good? Does it mean I can save some money. lol
Where did you find this? it's not cheap
I know this brand. I bought one of their screens. Add in shipping and tax, and it really isn't cheap. But their quality is worth the price. I also really like my screen. Maybe you can buy it when they have a discount. I see they often have discounts.