Does the projector work well during the day?


The effect of the projector during the day depends on the brightness of the projector itself. If the projector brightness is higher than 2000ANSI lumens, then the projector will also work well during the day. If the projector brightness is lower than 1000ANSI lumens, there will be obvious whitening of the screen during daytime use.

The use effect of the projector during the day is affected by the brightness of the projector itself. The higher the brightness of the projector, the better the use effect during the day.

If the projector wants to project a bright picture during the day, the actual brightness of the projector needs to be above 2000 ANSI lumens, and the device still cannot be used directly under the influence of outdoor sunlight.

If the brightness of the projector is too low, less than 1000 ANSI lumens, then the projected image will be obviously whitened during the day. You can make the picture bright and clear again by closing the blackout curtains.

anti-light projector screen

In addition, buying an anti-light screen for the projector can also make the picture display better. High-brightness projectors will also suffer a certain loss of image quality when they receive strong light interference. Improve the picture effect by equipping with anti-light screen. The anti-light curtain can effectively deflect the sunlight projected from the window, so that the projection screen can be displayed on the curtain to the greatest extent.
In my opinion, the choice of projection screen is also very important, there are light rejecting screens and non-light rejecting screens on the market. But different types of projection screens are also available for projectors. For example, the vividstorm pro screen must be used with an ultra-short-throw projector. If you choose a gray projection screen, then you need to choose a projector with a higher lumen, because the lumen is too low, the projection effect will be white and distorted; if you choose a white projection screen, you do not need to choose a very high lumen. Of course, the white screen does not have very high requirements for the projector.