Dolby Atmos vs. DTS, Which is better for TV audio?


As the use of television becomes more and more widespread, the need for a television sound system is becoming stronger for many people. But many people still have questions: what is Dolby Atmos, what is DTS, and which is better for the sound quality of the TV? This article will tell you the answer.

What is Dolby Atmos?

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First of all, I believe the term Dolby Atmos is not very strange to everyone, and there are often signs such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby IMAX when you are in the cinema. In fact, it is a technology invented by an American company, this company was founded in 1968, in addition to the invention of Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, but also has invented a number of technologies such as noise reduction systems, high-definition audio technology, which has had a huge impact on movie audio and home audio.

The Dolby Atmos surround sound technology we often use is actually a four-channel stereo sound synthesized into two channels through specific coding means in the recording process. Then from the original left, right, center, surround the four signals mixed for LT, RT mixed dual-channel signal, in the playback process can be through the decoder dual-channel composite signal LT and RT and then the encoding will be restored to the left, center, right, surround the four non-interfering signals, and each independent, and then input to each audio, so more realistic sound to the user to listen to, the main technology is reflected in the sound pickup Ultra-high fidelity above.

What is DTS?


In fact, DTS, like Dolby, is also a company founded in 1993 with the joint investment of Universal Studios and Spielberg, and Jurassic Park, as we know it, was the first movie to use DTS decoding technology. Today including a very large number of home theaters, DVD players, TVs, set-top boxes, HD media players, car audio systems and other devices used more are also DTS.

DTS actually means Digital Audio and Video System, which is optimized for the defects of Dolby Surround Sound technology. Because we know that Dolby sound and Dolby data is the sound data stored in the film film between the teeth, the consequences of this is because of the space constraints and must use a lot of compression of the model, had to lose part of the sound quality. So DTS company on the basis of this will be stored in another CD-ROM sound data, so that it is the same step with the image data, so that not only the space has been increased, but also the data flow can be relatively large, so that the storage of sound data CD replacement, so as to play a different digital language version.

Which is better to watch TV? Dolby Atmos or DTS?

1. Sound Effect​


DTS sound quality will be purer, and its biggest advantage is that the sense of positioning is far better than Dolby. Because Dolby Atmos sound is more three-dimensional, and there is a sense of envelopment, you can hardly close your eyes to accurately distinguish between the words of the left and the words of the right, but DTS is very accurate and easy for you to distinguish the upper and lower left and right sound sources.

2. Sound data flow​

Dolby and DTS sound data flow is different. The standard data flow of DTS in DVD is 1536kbps, while the data flow of Dolby Digital is 384Kbps-448Kbps, up to 640Kbps. From this point of view is DTS sound flow is larger, the less likely the sound is compressed, and the consequence is that DTS The sound damage is less and the sound quality is better. However, it should be noted that there are streaming media will use more than 1 megabit bitrate audio tracks, high bitrate can only be used in the disc, rather than in line with the current viewing habits.

3. Technology history​

It is not enough to look at some of the official technology announced to analyze, we have to look at the history of technology development from Dolby, DTS company for further analysis. Let's look at the fact that 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel and panoramic sound were all invented and pioneered by Dolby. 5.1 channel was invented by Dolby when DTS was not yet born. 7.1 channel was invented by Dolby when DTS was still doing 5.1 channels. When Dolby broke through the traditional recording & mixing technology according to the channel, DTS was still doing 7.1 channel. So we can see that Dolby is very interested in the sound quality of its products. So we can see that Dolby's research and the invention of audio technology are ahead of DTS, and even seems to be DTS imitating Dolby all the time.

4. Mainstream​

Currently, very many mainstream high-end TV sets actually use Dolby Surround & DTS dual decoding technology, but the niche TV brands, can not meet both technologies, very many niche brands give priority to Dolby Surround, I believe they do so because more consumers are willing to choose Dolby Surround TV. And now the world's leading streaming media, smart device companies, such as Apple TV from the iPhone 12 onwards, in their own music service Apple music support Dolby Atmos sound.
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