Dr. Strange 2 released trailer, X-Men return, Supreme Strange shows

At present, "Spider-Man: No Way Home", in the world is hot in theater. In this movie, a mistake by Dr. Strange led to the unexpected opening of the multiverse. This also led to the 28th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely "Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness".

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The story of "Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness" follows on from "Spider-Man: No Way Home", in which the confirmed protagonist is joined by the Scarlet Witch in addition to Doctor Strange.

Previously, Marvel had revealed that the movie "Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness" will have a lot of horror elements.

Fans of Marvel know that all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe" are basically a cheerful route, making the audience feel very relaxed.

Now, Marvel will add horror elements in "Doctor Strange 2", which has great appeal to fans.

In addition to the horror elements, there is news that the X-Men, as well as a member of the Fantastic Four, will appear in "Doctor Strange 2", and will also fight with the Scarlet Witch.

One after another heavy news, so the global audience is full of expectations for "Doctor Strange 2".


In the early hours of December 23, 2021, the first trailer for the movie "Doctor Strange 2" was released, which is more than 2 minutes long and also reveals a lot of information.

Through the trailer we were able to know that when Dr. Strange accidentally opened the multiverse in "Spider-Man: Heroes Without a Cause", the world they were in was in chaos.

So Dr. Strange found the Scarlet Witch and asked her, "How much do you know about the multiverse?" We can then see through the Scarlet Witch's response that she knows a lot about the multiverse. This is the reason why the Scarlet Witch, why she appeared in "Doctor Strange 2".

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Also, the role of Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, has returned to the film. In the trailer, he said a meaningful sentence to Dr. Strange, that is,

"I hope you understand, the greatest threat to our universe is you".

And what he meant by this sentence is also refers to the Supreme Strange.

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Previously in Marvel's first animated series "What if...? In the first Marvel animated series "What if...? Now he appears in the live-action film "Doctor Strange 2", which seems to indicate that the animated series "What if...? What happened in the animated series "What if...?" may also be realized in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe".

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