DualShock 4 controllers keeps disconnecting from console. Flashing white light.


This started happening about a month ago. Randomly, now a few times a week, my controllers keep disconnecting. I have to pair them again to the console. They will work for awhile, I'll watch a Netflix movie or play a game. Then other times when I turn them back on, they flash white lights rapidly. I've seen some older posts about just pairing them again, but that isn't a solution. The batteries are good in both controllers. They are the original controllers when the original PS4 console came out. It doesn't make sense why the bluetooth pairing keeps getting unpaired and disconnecting!


This has begun happening to us in the last week or so. It is EXTREMELY frustrating. It's at the point where the only way to fix it is to hard reset the ps4 which is a pain because if the controllers won't work it has to but put into rest mode. Have tried literally everything and this is on a slim that I bout on Black Friday not even 6 months ago!