Emotn C1 Projector, Best 2022 LCD Projector for Young


Emotn released its first LCD multimedia projector, the Emotn C1, on 2021 Black Friday (November 26), positioning it as a mid-to-high-end LCD projector. Emotn C1 projector is designed for the young and its innovation, fashion and energy make projection more fun.

Emotn C1 projector.png

Innovative and High-quality Design​

Unlike other multimedia projectors, the Emotn C1 focuses on quality and detail and is no exception when it comes to appearance. Emotn C1 projector features a bold color clash, with the body being mainly white with fluorescent yellow, making the projector more young and stylish. The simple yet fashionable design is suitable for a variety of home scenarios, shaped like a good-looking drawer box, suitable as a decoration. There is a groove above the projector that can be used as a phone stand while projecting or to put the remote control for the user's convenience. The groove and sides are made of high-quality silicone to protect mobile phones and hands.

Emotn C1  with phone racks .jpg

Stable Projection and Multi Connection​

Emotn C1 supports both wireless and wired connections for iPhones and Android phones, providing an additional option over ordinary multimedia projectors. Wired projection is more stable than wireless projection. Wireless screen casting supports a distance of 8-10m, with minimal restrictions on the location of the device.

The C1's native resolution is 720p and supports some 4k video formats, and the best projection size is 50-120 inches, meeting the needs of various projection sizes. With high brightness of 8500 lumens and 5500:1 contrast, the projection image is clear and high-quality.

Emotn C1 is equipped with two USB ports, one for connecting to the phone to cast the screen, and a 5V output to charge the phone. In addition, the projector is equipped with a wide range of interfaces, VGA, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, AV, Audio and TF or Micro SD ports, allowing users to connect a variety of devices for screen projection.


Multi-use Projector​

Emotn C1 is not only a projector, it can also be turned into a Bluetooth speaker. When you turn on the projector's Bluetooth speaker mode, the light machine will automatically turn off and there is no noise at all while playing music. Built-in a 5w speaker, tuned by a professional team to achieve quality tone. C1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 which gets faster and more stable transmission.

Emotn, a young and innovative brand, aims to design stylish projectors for young people who can buy high-quality LCD projectors at the most affordable prices. It is reported that other new Emotn products will be online soon.