Emotn C1 Projector Review: An Energictic Brand with Youthful Design


Is there really not any good for a projector less than $200? Not really! There is a new projector on the market that applies LCD projection technology with LED light: Emotn C1 projector. As a young and energetic new brand, Emotn projector brings innovation and beauty to the image quality and design of its products. What's the review of Emotn C1? Let's have a look.

1. Emotn C1 Projector Review: Appearance

Emotn C1 projector has a bold and recognizable design in appearance. The top of Emotn C1 adopts the "roof" shape design, and the body material is a white polymer material, which is wrapped from the top to the bottom. A groove is carved out in the middle of the top for remote controls and mobile phones; On one side of the groove are the keys, and on the other side are the focusing gears. The groove at the top and the non-slip pad at the bottom are made of silicone in a more youthful fluorescent yellow. The two sides are gray honeycomb cooling holes. Overall, the collision of grey, white and fluorescent yellow colors makes the projector design more fashionable and youthful.

Emotn C1 projector1.jpg

On the front of the body is a fixed focus projection lens. Above the lens, there are focusing gears and trapezoidal correction gears. Obviously, focusing and correction need manual operation. The position opposite to the focusing gear is the projection button. There are many keys, among which the OK button uses a golden color as an ornament, which makes the operation more ceremonial.

Emotn C1 projector2.jpg

Emotn C1 projector8.jpg

Look at the back of the projector, there are various ports, which can be directly connected to the computer, PS5, USB disk, TV box, stereo and even mobile phone. Of course, it also supports the reading of STORAGE devices such as U disk, hard disk and TF card. In addition, the Emotn C1 projector has a 5V output label on the USB port, which supports direct charging of mobile phones. 5V1A is also the power of the old traditional iPhone charger.

Emotn C1 projector3.jpg

As for the remote control, it uses an infrared connection, whose signal is more stable. The texture of the remote control is also skin-friendly, and there are simply thirteen keys on the control that you can completely blind control when you are familiar with the position of each key.

Emotn C1 projector4.jpg

2. Emotn C1 Projector Review: System and Operation Perform

As a multimedia projector, Emotn C1 projector does not build in any film or television content, so you need to connect external devices to mirror screen. After entering the home page, the UI interface of the system is very clean, no advertising and no other redundant home page recommendation. The system supports multi-language, and the image, sound, time can be adjusted according to settings. The image mode can also be customized to control the color temperature and image clarity.

Emotn C1 home screen.png

The Emotn C1 can connect to an external signal source, USB flash drive, or screen projector to watch movies. Usb disk, TF card, HDMI, VGA and other interfaces can be directly inserted for direct use, screen projection support wired and wireless two ways.

Emotn C1 Screen Mirroring.png

We also tested the ability to mirror screen. Emotn C1 supports both wired and wireless mirroring screens. In wired mirroring screen, it only need to connect the phone data line, and the signal is more stable. Wireless mirroring screen can be directly connected to the Emotn C1 projector without wifi. Compared to other projectors, the process of routing is eliminated, resulting in lower latency, faster screen response and more stable signal.

Emotn C1 projector6.jpg

3. Emotn C1 Projector Review: Sound and Image experience

As a projector with LCD technology, the image quality always dissatisfies people, but Emotn C1 projector won't disappoint you. The brightness of the Emotn C1 projector is 8500 lumens, which is approximately 130 ANSI lumens according to tests. This brightness is not recommended for a place with the lights on and the curtains open. But once the lights are off, the immersion of the cinema begins. We tested for high-resolution images and mirroring screen pictures, the outcome is amazing.

Emotn C1 image.png

As you can see from the image below, the 5500:1 contrast ratio of the Emotn C1 projector really makes the image more colorful, especially the black spots. At 720P resolution, you can also see every detail in the image.

When mirroring the screen, the clarity and fluency are very good, and the experience is excellent.

Emotn C1 image quality.png

In terms of sound, the Emotn C1 has a built-in 5W speaker, no need for an external speaker. The sound quality performance is stable, no any sound distortion phenomenon, and the performance of the timbre is also very great. In addition, the Emotn C1 projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. After entering Bluetooth speaker mode, the optical device will automatically turn off, and the internal radiator will also stop working, so that the auditory will not be affected.

Emotn C1 projector7.jpg

4. Emotn C1 Projecto Review Summary

At the end of the review of Emotn C1 projector, it's time to sum up. From the design to the price, Emotn C1 projector is aimed at the young generation. Its design is youthful and the color scheme is fashionable. At the same time, the price of the new product is only $179, which is acceptable to many young users. Of course, its image quality is far more than the same price competing product projector. With a cost of less than $200, people can enjoy the household screen, which is absolutely one of the essential devices of young people. Currently, the Emotn C1 projector is on sale on the Emotn website, visit for more information.
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