Emotn H1 Review: Affordable, Fashionable and Practical


As a young, energetic and innovative projector brand, Emotn has released its second LCD projector, Emotn H1. Compared to its first projector, Emotn C1, the biggest difference is that Emotn H1 is equipped with its own system. Of course, there are many other points worth highlighting. We have reviewed C1 before, how does H1 perform? There is a practical review.


1. Appearance
As a young brand that keeps up with the trend, Emotn projectors are very special in design. The Emotn H1 projector body is dark slate blue with gold accents. The overall color scheme and exterior design reflect a retro style. There is a fixed-focus lens on the front.

Emotn H1 Projetor1.jpg

On the right side of the lens is the switch indicator. It is also an IR signal receiver. Below the lens is a heat dissipation port with a built-in high-efficiency radiator, and the noise is stable at 30dB.

Emotn H1 Projetor7.jpg

The left and right sides are panels with diamond-shaped hollows. The leather handles are also designed on the two side panels, which are convenient and portable. There are two 3W speakers inside the projector on each side for direct sound output.

Emotn H1 Projetor9.jpg

The back of the projector can be divided into upper, middle, and lower parts. The upper part is equipped with various interfaces for projection, and the middle part is a product nameplate of the projector, which can see the electrical specifications of the product. Below is the air inlet of the projector. The front-to-back heat dissipation design ensures smooth airflow inside the machine.

For the ports, they are TF card slot, 3.5mm headphone port, AV port, USB port, HDMI, LAN, SPDIF fiber audio port, and DC power port from the left to the right side.

The key buttons of the projector need to be highlighted. These key buttons are designed on the top of the projector. At first glance, they look like the buttons of traditional radio, but the pressing sensation is more like a mechanical keyboard.

Emotn H1 Projetor11.jpg

The touch sensation is more like a blue switch mechanical keyboard, which features a relatively crisp sound and fast rebound.

The golden knob is designed for powering on and powering off. You can also roll it to adjust the volume. The other golden gear-like focusing knob is used for manual focus. The rotation of the gear knob is also relatively smooth, and the picture becomes clearer and clearer when rolling the gear knob.

Emotn H1 Projetor2.jpg

The remote control is still infrared. Infrared receivers are located at the front and back of the Emotn H1 projector, which can be controlled directly against the device.

2. System
The Emotn H1 projector has a built-in Emotn UI customized based on Android 9.0. The UI style is very simple and clear, including Settings, Wi-Fi, time and battery, and a line of apps at the bottom. You can also switch weather and memory usage on the left-upper side of the homepage.

In fact, the homepage is Emotn UI. Both Emotn UI and Emotn Store are software products of Emotn. Therefore, the use and design are more convenient and compatible.

According to the official specs, the Emotn H1 projector is powered by a Mediatek MT9269 processing chip and has a Mali G31 GPU. It carries 1G RAM and 16GB ROM, ensuring quick computing and stable operation.

Emotn H1 comes with built-in YouTube, Netflix, and other common software, which is convenient.

It also has a screen mirroring tool AirScreen. It is a powerful screen mirroring tool, which supports AirPlay, CAST, Miracast, DLNA and etc. It can be connected to iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows devices for screen mirroring. After testing on various devices, its screen mirroring is smooth and stable.

3. Performance
The Emotn H1 projector performs well in terms of keystone correction, battery life, and decoding capabilities.

I tried to play a 4K video in H.265 encoding format through an external USB flash drive, and it can play normally. Meanwhile, the Emotn H1 projector also supports HDR images, which can fully meet the needs of home use.

Emotn H1 Projetor10.jpg

For portability, the Emotn H1 projector has a built-in 7800mAh battery. When working unplugged, the battery lasts long enough to watch a short movie. When working as a Bluetooth speaker, the projector lasts more than 8 hours.

Emotn H1 supports keystone correction. When the bracket at the bottom is settled, the projector will automatically correct the image, and the success rate is also very high, but the left and right sides of the image need to be corrected manually. Manual keystone correction also supports four-point correction and also provides parameter values as a reference for easy correction operation.

4. Image Quality
The Emotn H1 projector adopts LCD display technology and uses LED light to achieve a brightness of 250ANSI lumens and FHD1080P resolution. LCD projectors with 1080P resolution are rare. Let’s have a look at image performance.

Emotn H1 Projetor4.jpg

I played 4K UHD pictures, 4K video, and screen-casting video respectively. Let’s take a look at the real picture effect of the Emotn H1 projector. Note that there is a difference between the photographic sensitivity of the camera and that of the human eye. The visual effect of the human eye is generally better than that of the camera.

Emotn H1 Projetor5.jpg

From the 4K pictures, we can see that the Emotn H1 projector has rich and accurate color performance.

Emotn H1 Projetor8.jpg

At the same time, in the film portrait, the expression of the human face is also profound, and the image effect is delicate. When playing 4K videos, the play is smooth and the image is clear and big, bringing an immersive viewing effect.

Emotn H1 Projetor3.jpg

Last, the mirroring image. The image color and details of the projector are also amazing.

5. Conclusion
The Emotn H1 projector is an outstanding LCD projector. It has advantages over ordinary LCD projectors in terms of system and image. In addition, the built-in Emotn Store also expands projector applications and provides more fun. All in all, the Emotn H1 projector can fully meet the needs for home use, bringing a happier life.

Currently, the projector is available at a price of $289.00 on Emotn official website.
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