Emotn share code: Pluto Player TV app


Emotn share code: 446475

This TV-on-demand player integrates functions such as webdav
  • Support DropBox account login;
  • Support playing local video;
  • New TV player UI;
  • Add some button keyboard events;
  • Support non-public configuration interface;
  • Support 401 return;
  • Pop-up username and password login;
  • Live independent desktop shortcut;
  • Drive/Live Shortcut Menu, etc.
live tv app.png

  • Support multiple languages, the default is English, you can switch to Chinese in [Settings].
  • Setting interface, the new version is divided into two switchable forms: [Basic Mode] and [Professional Mode];
  • The focus is on the [File] function, which supports DropBox login and reading Ali network disk.