Epson CH-TW7000 Projector Review


Epson ch-tw7000

The epson ch-tw7000 projector has 4K ultra-high resolution, allowing immersive viewing on a 100-inch screen. It is worth mentioning that this product is equipped with epson's new 4K Pro UHD technology, which further improves the overall picture quality based on 4K resolution.

Compared with normal 4K resolution, epson 4K Pro UHD technology can improve image quality from lens, color brightness, contrast and other aspects. First of all, it can enhance the color brightness, make the overall color more vivid and natural, the most real effect of the film to the audience.

4K Pro UHD technology can also enhance the function of HDR, that is to say, on the basis of HDR technology, further improve the contrast of the picture, making the dark scene more profound and the color part more colorful. Therefore, it can make the best use of the HDR function of the machine, the dark scene details are still a glance.

4K Pro UHD technology can also further enhance the film effect, making the overall picture quality more delicate, especially the presentation of details is more accurate, clear and sharp images combined with 100-inch large screen so that users can enjoy immersive viewing. So with the same 4K resolution, the ch-tw7000 offers better picture quality than its competitors.

Epson ch-tw7000 projector adopts 3LCD projection technology, which can produce color without the need of color wheel, so it can present higher color brightness, and the color of the picture is true and natural. At the same time, the machine is equipped with 10-bit image processing technology, the picture quality is clearer and more delicate, the details are completely clear.


Epson CH-TW7000 Projector
Epson ch-tw7000 projector is relatively flat, the fuselage USES the round edge design, looks more full of life, can be used in a variety of home environment. As a 4K product, the size of the unit is not huge, and it won't take up much space in the living room

Epson CH-TW7000 Projector
Epson CH-TW7000 Projector

The projector has simple physical buttons and can operate the machine quickly without a remote control. There are many interfaces on the back of the fuselage, which can seamlessly connect with other devices to meet different needs for home use. At the top of the lens is an adjustment knob, which allows the user to quickly adjust the right picture.

Colour experience

Next, we will experience the color performance of the epson ch-tw7000 projector. In this part, we mainly understand the color restoration ability of the machine through the difference between the color test sample and the real picture, and present its real color style to everyone.

Epson CH-TW7000 Projector

Epson CH-TW7000 Projector

Left: raw picture, Right: test picture

Epson CH-TW7000 Projector

Epson CH-TW7000 Projector

From the above pictures, we can see that the epson ch-tw7000 projector has accurate focus and natural colors, and both the scenery and the real people show good results. In the author's opinion, the overall color performance of this product is commendable, enough to make the family user satisfied.


Epson ch-tw7000 projector is a comprehensive household product, in brightness, color, picture quality, and other aspects of the product has an impressive performance. Firstly, the machine has 4K resolution and HDR technology, and its picture quality is excellent. In addition, thanks to epson's 3LCD projection technology, the color reduction of this product is also very real, and the overall effect is amazing.