Fate Reincarnation & Free Will - Dolores @Westworld


The story of West World takes place in a theme park in the future world. The park provides players with a super realistic virtual reality game experience. The park uses highly imitated artificial people as the host, which is the NPC in the game. The meaning of the existence of the host is to serve human players. If you want to kill or slap you, you will all listen to them. Delores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, is the heroine of the play and one of the hosts of the park. Young and beautiful, kind and filial, as an NPC, the basic script of Dolores is to wake up every morning and start embracing the beautiful world.

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The most important theme of the entire first season was the awakening of Dolores, but the personality blessing of "Wyatt" made her very violent. The slogan she screamed was similar to that of the three-body ETO organization. "Receptionist", all actions are unscrupulous, not worse than the bloody violence of human beings, and lack of basic compassion for the same kind, so Teddy chose to commit suicide and left her.

This kind of independence in the past was originally designed. In the West World during the Civil War, the appearance of Dolores appeared out of place, and it will certainly attract the brutal treatment of perverted tourists.

The most terrifying thing is that she is sober many times. She remembers the sins of those people. A little accumulation will eventually explode.

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She was ended by Bernard because of being too brutal. However, after seeing the ugliness of human beings, Bernard resurrected her (borrowing the dead to the soul), and finally Deloris escaped from the paradise. Before this point, I really did not expect it to be so fast!

She took 5 "Mind Balls" and noticed that the black Mind Balls represent the receptionist, and the red ones are humans. Of course, it is useless to bring humans. After loading, they will collapse in a few days. Moreover, a human has only 10,000 lines of code. She has read a lot. One of the five "Mind Balls" is Bernard, and there are a few who are the foreseeers of the next season.
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